Paw Patrol magazine review with video!

3 pawsome gifts with the Paw Patrol magazine, a torch a badge and puppy ears!

Hands up who knows all the words from the Paw Patrol theme tune AND the character’s names – and yes, I am talking to the adults here and not the kids. If your house is anything like mine Paw Patrol will be a firm favourite and I must admit, it is one of those shows that I actually don’t mind watching. It’s no surprise to find out that it is the number one show on Nick Jr, go pups!

As you may have guessed Rose is Paw Patrol mad, so I gladly accepted a newly launched magazine from Egmont publishing for her to review as I knew she would be super excited to see it, thus scoring me some serious mama points.

Reading a Paw Patrol magazine from Egmont publishing

The Paw Patrol magazine is excellent quality printed on bright and colourful paper. It comes packed with loads of things for the kiddos to do. Our issue had 3 ‘Pawsome’ free gifts, comprising of a torch, pup badge and some cute puppy ears. As with any magazine Rose made a beeline for the free stuff on the front, donning the ears and holding the torch and badge ready to examine the magazine further.

3 pawsome gifts with the Paw Patrol magazine, a torch a badge and puppy ears!

The magazine is aimed at preschoolers so it’s perfect for Rose, she was happy to find 20 stickers on the inside of the mag and we had brilliant fun playing games together such as spot the difference and odd one out. There are also stories, counting games and puzzles.

Here’s a short video where you can see some of the fun Rose got up to reading the magazine and exploring the features:

It’s nice to see a good mix of activities that take a few minutes to complete as well as tasks that take a little longer. This would be an excellent magazine to take on a flight or train as there is plenty to do keeping the kids entertained for hours.

20 stickers free inside Paw Patrol magazine from Egmont publishing

Rose was really excited to show Holly her magazine and couldn’t believe it when Holly pulled out the giant poster with all the Paw Patrol characters on, she really was delighted! I was particularly impressed and Rose’s recollection skills as she pointed out lots of the characters to Holly. It’s games like these that are really helpful with memory and cognitive development.

Giant poster inside Paw Patrol magazine

Over the course of the week, Rose came back to her magazine a number of times and discovered something new to do each time. I am really impressed with the quality of the magazine and free gifts, my favourite thing being the poster that is now up on the playroom wall.

*This is a collaborative post with Egmont publishing and Tots100

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  • Plutonium Sox

    Written on 18th April 2016


    I think we might have to check this out for my two, Libby especially loves a magazine and I think paw patrol will appeal.

  • Emma

    Written on 18th April 2016


    I am going to have to buy this for Youngest when we are next in the shop as she loves a good magazine and Paw Patrol. It looks like a good one too, with lots of educational activities :-)

  • Laura - dear bear and beany

    Written on 19th April 2016


    Alice only recently discovered Paw Patrol at her friends party and they had a paw patrol cake. Now it’s all she wants to watch and is desperate for the pad thing Ryder holds!! This looks fab and I will have to look out for it, as I know Alice would love it. X

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