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As you know we recently went on our Mark Warner holiday to Levante, Rhodes. There will be a blog post coming this week-once I’ve ploughed my way through all the photographs…

We were understandably beyond excited about jetting off from Heathrow, Terminal 5 however, a 6am check-in time meant if we were driving straight from Bristol to Heathrow on the morning of our flight it would have called for a very early and possible stress-inducing start to our holiday. Luckily for us, Holiday Extras came to the rescue and sorted us out with a night’s stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel plus airport transfers and parking for the week.


There’s always so much to think about when you go away but Holiday Extras take the pressure off by organising all those extras such as airport hotels, parking, insurance and car hire-they have you covered!

From the minute you book with Holiday Extras you get a detailed email explaining exactly what you need to do when you get to the hotel, there is absolutely no hassle which was the best part for us. Justin and I both said so many times how much easier it was to jump in the car the afternoon before we were due to travel, pull into the hotel, park up, check in and relax. Just knowing the car was parked for the week and we would make it to the terminal in plenty of time took away all the stress.

Holiday Extras even take care of the hotel to airport transfer by organising collection from outside the hotel by the Heathrow Hoppa which drops you off directly outside Terminal 5 and picks you up on your return, taking you back to the hotel where you parked the car.

How easy is that?!

There’s about a two-hour drive from where we are in Bristol to Heathrow airport, it’s an easy journey straight down the M4. The hotel airports are clearly signposted so you know exactly where you’re going.

You know you are in for a luxury stay when you arrive in the foyer of the hotel you’re staying in and it’s adorned by a huge chandelier!

Foyer with chandelier at Raddison Blu Hotel

The Radisson Blu at Heathrow is one of the nicest airport hotels we’ve ever stayed in. I decided it’s pretty high on the ‘posh scale’ due to the restaurant that serves Lobster and the fact that I spotted a few pilots hanging around outside smoking cigars – because posh people work as airline pilots, eat lobster and smoke cigars: fact – We stayed in a lovely spacious double room which had a single bed for Rose and the big kids shared a twin room down the hall. It was a real treat to start off our week of adventure in such a nice hotel.

Interior of a triple room at the Radisson Blu Hotel

We parked in the hotel carpark and were given a ticket by the concierge that let us straight out of the car park on our return. Again, no faff or stress, which is just brilliant.

We couldn’t have been put in a better location or hotel. It was all so straightforward and EASY which is exactly what you want when you’re in holiday mode, isn’t it? Holiday Extras have 32 years of experience and have built lasting relationships with the partnerships they offer therefore ensuring the best and most competitive prices. Impressively Holiday Extras have slept in every single hotel and parked in every car park they offer so are confident that they are selling the very best service, so confident in fact, that they guarantee if you can find the same service for less, they will pick up the bill and let you use their service for free!

Airport Hotel with Parking at Heathrow Airport

A night’s stay at an airport hotel is the perfect way to get your holiday off to a hassle-free start.

Example price: £102 for a triple room for 2 adults and one child, for a nights’ stay and eight days’ parking at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Price searched on July 26 for a stay on August 4. To book, visit or call 0800 1313 777.

*Post written in collaboration with Holiday Extras

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