Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence and a #GiftOfTime

World most powerful steam iron Philips PerfectCare Elite

Who lets the clean washing amass throughout the week resembling a mountain of clothes by Sunday? Not just me, then? Each and every week as Sunday evening looms I get the dreaded feeling that I have to spend a couple of hours behind an ironing board getting everyone’s clothes and school uniform ready for the week ahead.

That tackling of the ironing pile, well, it’s not the most fun part of the week, is it?

Tackling the mountain of ironing with Philips PerfectCare elite

What if I told you, you could spend less time ironing with the Philips PerfectCare elite range giving you more time to do the fun stuff you love. The Philips steam generator irons are the world’s fastest and are designed to save you 40 minutes* of ironing a week!

Philips sent me the PerfectCare Elite Silence steam iron to test out and it is absolutely fantastic. For the first time ever, I actually enjoyed doing the ironing because the PerfectCare Elite made it so quick and easy. I’ve had my old iron for years and years, it wasn’t effective, partly thanks to Lewis burning his thick canvas army cadet trousers with it so only half of the plate ever worked. Despite this, I’ve never replaced it and just put up with it being completely rubbish and ironing was a total time suck. I’ve just put up with it not realising that a good steam iron, such as the PerfectCare Elite is actually a game changer in terms of how it performs and how much time a decent iron can save you.

Seriously, no one wants to spend 2 hours a week ironing, do they?

Let me tell you more about the Philips PerfectCare Elite and why I think it’s so brilliant.

The main selling point for me is that there is no temperature dial, that means no more standing around waiting for the iron to heat up or cool down, and no organising your ironing pile into items of clothing that need a hot iron and items that don’t. You can chuck all your clothes in a pile on the floor next to you, pick them up and iron as you go without ever having to adjust the temperature. The PerfectCare Elite has an electronic chip instead of a temperature dial ensuring that the soleplate stays at one continuous low temperature. You don’t need to place the iron on the generator between items of clothing but it sends the steam through the hose. The OptimalTemp technology makes it completely safe to iron any fabric from silk to linen.

You could even plug it in, in your bedroom and iron your bedsheets and curtains with it. The iron gives off really powerful steam making it effective on all ironable fabric. It also comes with a no-burn guarantee so you have complete peace of mind.

No burn guarantee with Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence

You can set the iron down on the ironing board in between ironing garments and it won’t burn your ironing cover.

Was the Philips PerfectCare Elite faster than my regular iron?

Oh yes, I steamed through (pun intended) clothes mountain and got everything finished super quickly. I even managed to get through the pile of clothes that have been sitting on the floor in my new dressing room waiting to be hung up. I hadn’t been able to face it until now but the PerfectCare Elite powered through in no time. The iron is not only fast but it’s silent too, which means you can iron while everyone else is watching tv and no one will get annoyed with you!

World most powerful steam iron Philips PerfectCare Elite

Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence water tank

Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence 1.8L detachable water tank

Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence

Features of the Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence

  • 1.8L detachable water tank
  • Safe carry lock
  • Superior gliding
  • Eco energy saving mode
  • Safety auto-off
  • No settings required meaning no burns
  • Quiet yet incredibly powerful
  • Powerful vertical steam
  • Extra long hose for further reach
  • Ultra light iron
  • Fast heat up in 2 minutes
  • Refill tap water anytime
  • Effective anti-scale system


#GiftOfTime with Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence

I saved so much time ironing it gave me the opportunity to do more of the things I love. Rose and I set about baking some Christmas cookies together, rolling out the icing and decorating them. I’m always looking for ways to save time around the house and spend more time doing things with my family, after all, that’s what life’s all about and it’s too short to spend precious minutes doing housework! It was really lovely and Rose enjoyed having me all to herself.

A #GiftOfTime with Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence

The PerfectCare Elite Silence is hands-down the best iron I’ve ever used giving perfect results every time. Of all the products I’ve been sent to review this year, it is my favourite by a mile and that’s really saying something. I know it’s not the most glamourous of household items to go out and purchase but if you are reading this review because you’re thinking of buying one, just get it. I can 100% promise that you won’t be disappointed.

*Time-saving indication for consumers who iron for 120 minutes per week

Thank you so much to Philips for sending a PerfectCare Elite Silence and for giving us the #GiftOfTime

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  • Mummy Times Two

    Written on 9th December 2016


    Thanks for this post, we’ve been looking for a new iron for a while and this one certainly sounds like a good idea. Will definitely be looking into this further. #TheList

  • Kimberly - Media Mummy

    Written on 9th December 2016


    Our iron is ancient! My husband is the main ironer (I know – ex military, he loves it!) but it takes him HOURS. Will be looking into this bad boy, thanks x #TheList

  • chocolateandwineandillbefine

    Written on 9th December 2016


    This looks amazing! It embarrasses me to say it but I don’t actually iron and haven’t done for a long time, not since giving up my suit-job anyway. I do need to purchase a new one soon though as, come September, there will be uniforms to iron! #thelistlinky

  • Leigh - Looking for a Bright Side

    Written on 9th December 2016


    I can’t stand ironing! I do it as little as possible – I usually hang up items straight from the wash to minimise creases. There are always items that will need an iron, though, and that iron does sound pretty snazzy (as far as irons go!). I particularly like the sound of not having to change the temperature for different items, that’s always an extra pain for an already horrid and boring job! :-) xxx #thelist

  • Rebecca

    Written on 12th December 2016


    To be fair I don’t actually iron a great deal! But when I do it would be nice to have an iron that does actually do the job quickly and efficiently without leaving me thinking… I ironed this right?!?! <3 #thelist

  • Lauren Moseley

    Written on 14th December 2016


    It does look very cool, but somehow don’t think it’s for me-I can’t remember the last time I ironed anything! Life is too short-although to be honest that’s my approach to most housework :-) #TheList

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