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I  love the way an image can capture precious memories and immortalise them forever. When I have my camera with me I look at things from a different perspective, seeing the beauty in the every day, twinkling moments that might otherwise pass me by.

That said photography doesn’t have to be all about capturing something pretty or beautiful, one of my favourite things to take pictures of is food (although cake is quite beautiful..) and it’s much easier to photograph than wriggling kids!

I wanted to make a collection of some of my favourite photographs some are already on this blog and some from my computer archives. I am a natural light photographer and use a Canon EOS 7D. 

Watching my photographs improve technically over time is one of the most exciting things about blogging for me.

Rose and mama

Rose and Holly

Rose and Holly 2

Rose in tutu

coconut cupcakes


Lewis and Rose

Lewi, Holly, Rose

Paleo date and coconut balls

Justin and Rose

Paleo granola

Rose at zoo

Rose looking at animals

Halloween cupcake

Lemon drizzle cake

Rose at oldown






Holly point + shoot

Holly & Rose-Living arrows

Raw Berry Cheesecake-vegan and gluten free

Toddler and dog in a wheelbarrow, black and white photography by Amy Treasure-

Sweet potato brownies with beautiful edible flowers

Black tiptop high neck dress, Jules striped floppy hat, red Saltwater sandals

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