Planning our Summer holiday

Once Christmas and Easter are over it’s the time of year when we begin to plan our summer holiday. Whilst I will bask in the glorious sunshine the UK has been having lately for now, two weeks of  odds-on certain sun and all the excitement that the anticipation of a holiday abroad brings is something I look forward to the most.

I am lucky to have travelled a bit and we have visited places close to home and far, far away however two of my favourite holiday destinations are Fuerteventura and Portugal.

I think we almost certainly have our hearts set on Portugal again this year as we just fell in love with the place when we last visited and will endeavour to recapture some of that relaxed Portuguese magic.

Mama and Rose-Portugal 2014

Portugal 2014


We enjoy staying in an all-inclusive hotel and close to the beach with water parks near by (eek the waterparks are my favourite!) The opportunity for day trips to soak up the sun as well as the local culture also factors highly on our holiday must-haves list. 

For me, the whole point of being on holiday is not having to lift a finger. Mr T and I both work ridiculously long hours and there is always some chore to do at home, especially living with teenagers and a toddler. If I’m not working, cooking or cleaning I’m rushing around in an never ending circle of constantly picking up after everyone else, lazy toads!


Pedalo fun-Fuerteventura 2010


I love all-inclusive holidays mostly because I don’t have to cook or do the dishes! The variety of food is incredible and there is always something on the menu that my fussy lot will actually eat without making sulky faces. Going away with three children and constantly having to stop to buy drinks, snacks and ice cream every 5 minutes can be very costly. With all-inclusive we don’t need to worry about that. There might even be a barbecue on the beach, how cool is that? Oh and the cocktails aren’t half bad either…

I also find that there are quite a few activities included which is especially nice for the older ones, if we were having to pay separately this would definitely add up. My biggest bug-bear though, is when you’ve booked your holiday and then have to fork out all the extra for transfers and luggage, with 5 people the cost can be extortionate! With an all-inclusive holiday that’s not an issue.

Have I converted you yet, or did I have you at dishes?!!

While I sit here writing this I’m dreaming of sunny climes, spending time with loved ones, stretching out on a sun lounger next to the glistening pool. A cocktail in one hand and a book in the other, listening to the squeals of delight as the children splash into the water.

Absolute heaven!

How about you, what’s your idea of a perfect summer holiday? 

*This is a collaborative post

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  • Charlotte @ Educating Elsa

    Written on 20th April 2015


    I was (ridiculously) looking at cruises today. I definitely cannot justify a cruise so I don’t know why I was torturing myself with it, but there you go. I would like to take Elsa somewhere this year but as a fairly new single mother who can’t drive I suppose I am pretty limited to what I can do with her. I wouldn’t even know where to start. Perhaps Butlins?!

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