Plum Baby-Greek Style Yoghurt Review

Having already received some lovely Plum baby products to try, see the review on Plum Little Yums here. I jumped at the opportunity for Rose to try out Plum’s new greek-style yoghurt pouches.

These aren’t your typical yoghurt with one fruit blended through, the combination of flavours are far more interesting than that! Ours were; raspberry and spinach, mango and carrot and kale and apple all blended with creamy greek-style yoghurt. Now, I would never expect Rose to eat something that I wouldn’t be happy to eat myself so I have tasted all of them and can report that they are absolutely delicious! You can see from the pics below that Rose also thoroughly enjoyed smearing, slurping and licking the yoghurt from her fingers..

Eaten the non messy way..

The really non-messy way..

Or the really messy lick it off your fingers and stick your head in the bowl way!..

As you can see Rose really enjoyed it! As we have done baby led weaning with Rose, we mainly let her feed herself and she found the pouches really easy to eat from. What I like about these pouches is that they are really convenient to grab and go for when you’re out and about-as we were in the top two pics. You can also easily reseal them to save for later on which is great.

The benefits for me are:

No added sugar or flavourings
Convenient and portable
Interesting flavour combinations
Good for self-feeding
Good value as can use for snacks and reseal 

All in all another super product from Plum Baby that I’ve already repurchased and will continue to do so! Thank you Plum.

Available at Tesco and other good retailers for 99p each.

*pr sample


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