Plum Little Yums

Plum Little Yums

I was delighted to be sent some Plum Little Yums wafers for Rose to try. They are designed to be a first snack from 6 months onwards, and are aimed at teething babies. They are made from buckwheat, fruit and veggies. The spinach, apple and kale was a big hit with Rose and she thoroughly enjoyed munching away on them. The other flavour is pumkin and banana which were also nice and tasty.

They come in packs of three wafers which can then be broken in half to make 6 finger sized portions. Rose would have 2-3 finger pieces at a time so the rest were popped into a container to stay fresh for later. The shape is ideal for little hands to hold on to easily. Unlike other teething biscuits they dissolve really easily so no brown sludge to clean off hands and clothes! Also really good to keep a packet in your changing bag for an easy non-messy snack for when you’re out and about.

The benefits for me are:

certified organic
no artificial colours or preservatives
no added sugar or salt

Rose gives her seal of approval with a ‘hooray’

I’ve also heard that Prince George is a fan of Plum baby products and I can see why!

Very nice Plum, thank you.

Plum little yums * come in a box of 6 packets rrp £2.49

*pr sample


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