Point + Shoot-Tuesday 24th February

I’m so happy to join in Point + Shoot this week. I’m afraid what with a culmination of illness, not being up to much with the horrible weather we’ve had and no opportunity to get out my ‘big camera’, my photography projects have fallen a little by the wayside.

These pictures were taken on Friday, which was the last day of half term and so we decided a trip was in order as we had been blessed with dry weather, hooray!

Lewis was busy with friends so the girls and I set off to Bristol zoo for the day. I love watching the bond between Holly and Rose blossom. I took a step back and just watched Holly showing Rose all the animals and telling them all about them, while Rose just looked at her in that way little sisters look at their older sibling, complete and utter adoration!

Holly point + shoot Holly point + shoot 2 Holly and Rose meet cats Holly and Rose B&W Holly and Rose merry go round


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