Point + Shoot Tuesday 31st March

As you know the clocks went forward on Sunday. We were up early as usual (as I’m sure most of you are) so while our lazy toads of teenagers stayed in bed and caught up on some beauty sleep we popped over the Severn bridge to Wales.

Eagles Nest in forrest

I do love being able to cross the bridge and have so many different options for going walking. We happened across a place called Eagles Nest, Wyndcliff in the Wye Valley Forrest. It’s not somewhere we’ve been before and so we donned our boots and jackets and braved the blustery wind looking for adventure.

Opening of cave

What an absolute delight it was-like an ancient forrest with winding stone steps and a view of the Wye Valley to take your breath away. I am so glad we stopped there and can’t wait to make a return visit.

Rose’s preferred mode of transport is atop her Daddy’s shoulders but this day we caught her in an obliging mood and she actually walked part of the way. Hooray-this is progress people!

eagles nest path walk


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