Point + Shoot-Tuesday 3rd March

Those of you that know about me will know that I love horses and that I used to have my own before I had an accident. You can find out a little bit more about me here if you so wish! As well as my mare I also had a Dartmoor pony for the children and two little Shetlands. They were called Bambi and Bobby. Now any of you horsey people (Aby!) reading are probably thinking ‘pah! Shetlands, horrible bitey things’ (they have a bit of a reputation) but I honestly can’t tell you the joy I used to feel watching those little Shetlands skipping about the field, especially in Spring time. They leap and whiz around all over the place, and are such characters.

This little guy is Lulu who is cousin to my old Shetlands. He lives at my Mother-in-Laws with her horses. Since we gave up our own field we love taking Rose up to her Nanny’s place to visit the horses and get her used to them. Little Lulu is the friendliest of the bunch and hardly ever bites!

point and shoot-lulu


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