Practising mindfulness at The Village Pottery, Clifton

Little girl at pottery wheel

Last Saturday Rose and I were sent by Swisse, for a pottery lesson so we could try out a mindful exercise. Activities such as pottery making can help improve concentration (great for Rose) and release stress (great for me). Now that Rose is at school 4 days a week I was excited to do something creative with her as we don’t get the chance as often as I’d like.

Set in the heart of  Clifton village, Bristol: The Village Pottery is a lovely family-run studio where you can go and try out a pottery class with Jen, the owner. There is also a shop full of beautifully bespoke pieces available to buy or if you have something specific in mind you can commission Jen to make something totally unique for you.

When we arrived for our lesson (and even though she’d been really looking forward to it!) Rose was a little shy to get involved. Now a joke about a bull in a china shop springs to mind but this was more a toddler in a ceramics shop and I must say I was quite relieved when Rose stood tentatively in the corner rather than running around like the crazed small person she so often becomes – anyone that owns a ‘threenager’ gets my drift- Jen was really kind to Rose and despite her protestation at first, Rose eventually warmed up and went over to a table where Jen had laid out rolled out clay for to cut shapes from.

I took my seat at the potter’s wheel, ready to get stuck in. I love the feeling of the clay beneath my fingers, it is so therapeutic. Jen explained the process of ‘throwing a pot’ and stood beside me giving clear step-by-step instructions for what to do next. It was a really good lesson and I felt like I’d learned something new by the end of it, which is always nice. I made two pots which looked pretty good if you ask me!


After I’d finished my lesson, Rose decided that she’d actually quite like a go after all. She sat at the wheel with Jen controlling the pedal and made a pot all by herself, listening intently to what Jen was asking her to do next. Her little face of concentration was so sweet and she really enjoyed her lesson at the wheel as well as cutting out lots of shapes and painting them.


I can’t wait to go back in a few weeks and pick up our pots, I think they’ll look fab once they’ve been dried and fired. It was lovely to spend the morning with my little Rose doing an activity together. Having a pottery lesson is definitely the perfect way to just be still in the moment and practice mindfulness.


I enjoyed it so much I *might* have googled ‘pottery wheel for sale’ when I got home, but then Mr Treasure reminded me that we haven’t got anywhere to put a clay oven…

Thanks ever so much to Swisse for arranging such a brilliant activity. If you’d like to read about which Swisse vitamins I’m taking at the moment, you can do so here. There’s also a vlog going into a bit more detail too.  I really recommend looking up The Village Pottery and booking a lesson if you’re in the Bristol area.

I really recommend looking up The Village Pottery and booking a lesson if you’re in the Bristol area we will definitely be going again in the future.

*I am a Swisse ambassador, you can join the conversation by following the #SwisseFamilies hashtag. We’d love to hear all about your mindfulness activities too!

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