Preventing summer learning loss

Preventing summer learning loss

The summer holidays, six long weeks, the promise of days filled with fun, games with friends and perhaps even a trip abroad if you’re lucky. Whilst it is so important for our children to relax, destress and enjoy themselves it is also worth remembering that there can be an element of summer learning loss also known as ‘The Summer Slide’

In fact, students will score lower on the very same test at the end of the summer holiday than they did at the beginning. Maths and English skills can be lost resulting in teachers spending 4-6 weeks re-teaching what has been forgotten.

So what can we do to help our children keep their minds active as well as their bodies? Here are 5 tips to help…

  • First and foremost, summer learning should be fun! Enjoy activities outside, perhaps by taking walks in a forest or exploring the rock pools at the beach. There are lots of resources online for creating your own treasure hunt with subject-specific clues. This can keep the children occupied for hours, getting lots of healthy fresh air in the process.
  • There is so much going on at the library over the summer break, you could easily while away an entire afternoon picking out books and reading them with your child or joining in with the organised activities. Reading regularly is so important to keep young minds active. I always find letting my children go through the physical process of choosing a book and taking it home they are more likely to read and enjoy it. You can also think abut downloading some audio books together-there is lots of choice at the library.
  • How about working on those maths skills? One of our favourite holiday activities is baking, there is so much scope and opportunity to hone mathematical skills by converting, measuring, multiplying and dividing ingredients. Plus a delicious reward at the end, double win!
  • Do you have any budding actresses or actors? Make a pretend stage in the living room and ask the children to write a script and put on a show for relatives or neighbours. This is a fantastic way of encouraging imaginative play and also to practice writing, linguistic and performance skills.
  • Consider some summer tuition, tutors are experts who know exactly how to interact with children and keep them engaged and excited about learning. Find out which subjects/topics are on the curriculum for the new school year and ask your tutor to help your child with this. Hearing about a topic in advance can help your child to learn even quicker in a classroom setting, it will also give them a wonderful confidence boost when they realise it is familiar to them.

Tutorfair is a website that makes tutoring accessible for all.  It’s easy to use, search by putting in your postcode and subject, and picking the best tutor near you. You can view everything from qualifications to videos of tutors, so you can get a better idea of what they are like. Online payment makes booking easy, and if you’re not totally satisfied with your tutor after your first lesson, Tutorfair will give you your money back.

Tutorfair-a website to help you find the right tutor for your child.

The big difference between Tutorfair and other traditional tutoring agencies is for every student who pays, Tutorfair gives free tutoring to a child who can’t.

Isn’t that amazing? Definitely worth a a visit if you are looking for fantastic tutors in your area.

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