A psychic reading by Emma Kinsey

A psychic reading with Emma Kinsey

Before I begin with the details I’m going to put it out there:

I am a believer.

I recently wrote about a strange encounter, I am not a sceptic and I think this makes a difference in my approach and openness to receiving a reading. If you are sceptical (and you have every right to that opinion) then you may want to turn away now…

Emma Kinsey psychic medium

On Tuesday morning I sat down to a Skype call with psychic medium Emma Kinsey. I have never had a proper reading before and I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or if I’d feel a bit unnerved.

I needn’t have worried.

Emma Kinsey is a psychic medium who gives psychic readings providing messages from those who have passed over  – with details from the past, the present and the future.

As the call began I was greeted by Emma’s big smile and comforting midlands accent. After an initial quick chit chat I felt immediately at ease, which was a huge relief.

There was none of the’ ‘is there anybody there?’’ type of stuff, instead Emma studied her tarot cards and sat intently for a minute, as if listening, what she said next was incredibly accurate. Straight away my dad ‘came through’ and Emma knew how he had died and that he was young (46) she even knew what time of day he passed away and the circumstances.

Of course there were a few tears from me, especially after Emma told me my dad knew about the photograph and the cardigan of his that I kept after he died.

I believe my dad has tried to communicate with me on a number of occasions. I remember when my eldest, Lewis, was just 4 years old and he told me that he could see a man sitting on the steps outside our house. Unbeknownst to him, we were living in the house that I grew up in and that those were the very steps Dad would sit on for a sneaky cigarette when he was alive. Of course when I looked, I could see no one, but Lewis was quite adamant that he was there.

There have been other times, where I’ve been quite convinced I’ve seen him myself and have had to do a double take.  I feel as though I have sensed other spirits in the place between sleep and awake but I’ve never been brave enough to confront and accept these feelings for what they might possibly be, or admit them openly to others for the fear of being judged as bonkers.

*  *  *

Emma told me that she knew I had seen my dad:

‘’You see him all the time don’t you? It’s him, and he’s with you’’ she told me.

”I see his face everywhere”

*  *  *

We chatted for a while about Dad and what sort of chap he was. Emma was able to tell me things that I don’t believe there is any way she could have known, such as Mr T and his obsession with protein drinks and his weights in the garage, the hours he works and type of business he was in, the car we’ve just swapped over and my middle daughter’s chapped lips. I have never talked about a lot of this on the blog so that pretty much blew me away.

And then came the details that left me utterly speechless and crying – Emma looked visibly emotional too. One thing we discussed so very personal to me that I don’t want to talk about on the blog, nor have I ever divulged to anyone but very close family. Emma was able to give me specific detail, and even a name that there is absolutely no way she could have researched or found out before hand.

Emma wasn’t at any point vague she was specific, giving names, places, dates and describing special items. Again, none of which she could have known.

Mind blown!

But that’s not all, Emma knew and was able to tell me about a project I am currently working on and has given me the faith that it will all work out. There were a couple of things that I have stored away in my mind, for the future, things that haven’t yet happened but I am assured they will.

Whatever you believe, my experience was a positive one. At the end of our 30 minute reading, I felt so at ease with Emma and I wish I had seen her in person because I would have given her the biggest hug, she had to settle with me blowing a teary kiss into the computer screen instead. She is a lovely lady, with a very special gift and I would not hesitate in recommending her to you.

The first thing I did after we hung up? I got straight on the phone to my sister, of course.

‘’Dad says hi…”

*  *  *

You can book a reading with Emma or get in touch with her on Twitter. Let me know in the comments what you think about all this and if you’ve ever experienced anything ‘other worldly’ I would really love to chat to you about it!

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  • Clare

    Written on 11th March 2016


    I was looking forward to hearing how you got on. I’m really keen on getting a reading. I’m not sure how I feel about it all but my mum had a reading when I was young that she was amazed by. I may have to have a look into a reading from Emma! Just to satisfy my curiosity. And to make my mind up once and for all. I hope the things you haven’t shared are positive xx

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 11th March 2016


      I was amazed Clare! You should definitely have one, I agree it can be a bit daunting but it was such a good experience xx

  • Kate Tunstall

    Written on 12th March 2016


    God, I hope I didn’t offend you last week!

    Before I saw you’d posted this it was on my mind to ask you about it… I bumped into a friend yesterday and what she told me reminded me. Her experience was almost the exact thing I told you I fear…

    She’s a DV survivor and was told her ex is going to apply for access to their daughter. She’s been left frightened, rather than at peace. She went into it hoping for confirmation that moving in with her new fella is the right thing to do and ended up feeling very anxious instead.

    This is what I despise in readings; what you’ve described is lovely.

    Until I try it for myself, I am unsure what I believe really. Stories like yours make it difficult to be completely sceptical, and maybe I’d be impressed if I tried.

    Either way, when it results in a positive experience, it’s harmless. And I’m so pleased you got that with Emma. Xxxx

  • Kate / Pouting In Heels

    Written on 12th March 2016


    I’m SO happy that it worked out for you as I thought / hoped it would!! She’s amazing isn’t she?!?! The depth of information she gives really is quite something and you can tell when she’s going to say something profound as she gets visibly upset / emotional. Really hope it’s brought you some comfort and peace like it did for me :) X

  • Mrs TeePot

    Written on 12th March 2016


    Oh wow, what an amazing experience.
    While I do believe, I think I’d be too wary of having a reading with anyone in case they were just trying to make a quick buck from me, you know?
    I’m so glad you had this special experience.

  • Natalie Ray

    Written on 12th March 2016


    Really interesting post Amy. I am sceptical of people who do readings because I know that at least SOME of them prey on people’s vulnerabilities. The only experience I have had with a reading is with one of those people. I would be really interested to have a reading with somebody genuine. I’ve had a couple of odd experiences, one of which you know about, and my dad is full of stories of things like that. I’m off to read about your strange experience now!x

  • Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life

    Written on 19th March 2016


    Wow that sounds amazing! I believe too and sometime sense things, see things but try to ignore them and never tell anyone either. I bet that was so lovely to hear from your dad. I am so tempted to do something like this one day to see if I can hear from my mum in some way xx

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 19th March 2016


      It was amazing Lindsay I felt so emotional afterwards and can recommend it. I was quite nervous beforehand because I really wanted it to be real and it is, one of the things she knew about there is just no way she could have guessed or researched so it makes me secure in the knowledge that my dad really did come through. I am getting goosebumps again just writing this! xx

  • larissa

    Written on 13th July 2016


    This is so amazing! Thanks so much for sharing as much as you did, I am sure it was not easy finding out about your dad but its great that you know he is still around and leaving you little signs! This is wonderful and definitely makes it incredibly difficult to be skeptical!

  • daily horoscope

    Written on 11th September 2017


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