Renovating a teen girl’s bedroom

Since moving into our forever home we’ve been slowly working our way around renovating, making good and decorating. We started with Rose’s bedroom in the hopes that a beautifully decorated space all of her own would encourage her to sleep in there as opposed to wedged in between myself and Justin. It partially worked, by the way, she now sleeps most of her time in her own bed…

Next up was the master suite complete with en-suite bathroom and adjoining bedroom that is used as a dressing room. I am so pleased with the way it’s turned out and will be sharing it in a vlog very soon. We’ve now begun the very slow process of stripping the wallpaper in the hallway stairs and landing and Holly’s room is next. Hooray! She’s been waiting very patiently for over a year and now she’s 16 and at college, I want to give her a space that she’s proud of, one that is functional and will encourage her to study but also a place of relaxation too.

I’ve started a board on Pinterest for her which I’m thoroughly enjoying adding to-with her input of course as she’s got her own ideas about what her room will look like.

I adore Pinterest for home interiors ideas (and basically everything else in life!) Just look at the picture of my board below at all the pretty things Holly can have in her room! I absolutely adore the ‘jar of dreams’ and the bedroom organisation ideas. And can we talk about how cool that hanging chair is? I would have LOVED that.

Teen girl’s bedroom ideas

Enough of fairy lights and faux fur cushions, I have to think about the practical stuff. First things first is to get an electrician in to put all the spotlights in and move a few plug sockets, a plasterer to skim the walls that broke away with wallpaper that was as old as the house and I need to think about new windows too.

The windows have been one of the biggest jobs whilst renovating the house so far. There is a double aspect in most rooms other than the bathroom and Rose’s bedroom and every single one of them has needed replacing. I’ve spent lots of time looking online and comparing prices and found G2S Group has a really simple buying and installation process which makes everything that much easier. Ok, so buying windows may not be the most exciting thing when renovating but an important decision nonetheless, they have to fit with the style of the house. G2S uPVC Windows in Swindon is a great option supplying a huge range of styles and customisable options so we’re bound to be able to find a suitable option. Plus it’s only down the road so worth a visit to the showroom, and Swindon Designer Outlet for all the fun girly stuff, obvs!

I’ve never decorated a teen girl’s room before so I’m getting quite excited and perhaps reliving my youth vicariously through my daughter but still, exciting times!

How about you, have you renovated any rooms recently? I’d love to hear your practical and fun tips on how to approach this new project.

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  • Mackenzie Glanville

    Written on 9th October 2016


    oh how exciting for Holly. I decorated Aspen’s room in May she is 12 so not quite a teen and in Australia 12 means there last year of primary school, next year she will be in high school. We gave her a queen size bed as sleepovers occur a lot now. Her room is not large enough to have a lot in. She has a double sliding mirrored wardrobe and some bed side drawers, and then a hang out corner which has trendy bean bags and her vision board. I chose a large canvas painting of a Zebra as her main art and have quite a few other art pieces up as she loves art. My advice give Holly a lot of freedom to design her space (within reason), a space that feels like it reflects her unique qualities, is comfortable yet inspires her to follow her passions. I always feel when designing any space that it is important to not rush decisions. Using pinterest can be a great help as well as magazines. Look at expensive shops an then find cheaper versions, and don’t worry about trends, worry more about what she likes. Hope that helps

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