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Active Woman Activate* is a pre-workout shake from a range developed by none other than Melanie Sykes. If you don’t already know 2015 is the year that I have decided to get my body in the best shape it’s ever been in. I’ve also signed up for my first half marathon that takes place on 1st March (not long now eeek!) and I love working out and lifting weights in the gym as part of my routine. I’m constantly researching ways to stay fit and active and found some really useful tips this best ways to get rid of belly fat article was a really interesting read.


So, what can a pre-worout shake do for you? Well apart from being packed with protein (25g per 30g serving) and I can’t stress the importance of protein if you work out. It also contains natural green tea extracts to ‘activate’ and boost your metabolism. Included are vitamins D, B5, B6, calcium, zinc and folic acid essential nutrients for a healthy body. The combination of premium protein plus green tea and vitamins promises to provide short bursts of sustained energy and improve metabolic fat burning.


Does it work? I have never used pre-workout shakes before so was excited to try it out. I have made the shake an integral part of my routine for the last two weeks and so far I’m loving the results. It’s super quick and easy to make by mixing one scoop of powder with 300ml water or milk-personally I much prefer it with milk, which I also add ice to. It tastes good, not overly chocolaty and very palatable which I liked. Mr T drinks vanilla flavoured protein shakes and the smell is awful-really synthetic I’m glad my shake is non offensive as I don’t want to feel like I’m forcing a drink down. I have one approximately 30 minutes before I train and I feel as though it gives me a much needed extra energy boost and zing. I have even drunk them in the mornings sometimes after I’ve had a rough night with Rose, which is healthier than my usual 3 cups of strong coffee!

Some benefits a pre-workout shake could give you:

  • Fuel your muscles during a training session
  • Increase protein synthesis during a workout rather than taking protein after
  • Burn more calories
  • Improve metabolic fat burning

IMG_2923 IMG_2924

I would absolutely recommend Active Woman Activate and that you supplement if you work out. It’s only recently that I’ve fully understood why I need extra protein and what the benefits are. I will definitely continue with my pre-energy work out shake to help give me some get up and go, and hopefully soon I’ll have a body like the gorgeous Melanie Sykes!

Active Woman Activate and the rest of the products in the range are available from Bio-Synergy a fantastic site offering a huge variety of products geared towards sports nutrition.

*pr sample

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