Review of The Last Tango at Bristol Hippodrome

The Last Tango at Bristol hippodrome

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect prior to seeing The Last Tango, I love watching dancing on the TV but have never been drawn towards the typical dance shows such as Riverdance, they’ve just never appealed to me. Having not heard much about it, I thought The Last Tango would be a bit like watching a live version of Strictly Come Dancing with some nice music and perhaps a few other chorus dancers joining in for group numbers.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What we got was an absolutely sensational show with a proper storyline and narrative. Not to mention some absolutely cracking musical numbers from the fantastic ensemble cast and members of the orchestra.

The Last Tango ensemble cast

The stars of the show are world champions of the Argentine tango Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace who mesmerise you with every single perfectly executed step.

The show opens with an older version of Vincent played by the delightful and funny Teddy Kempner, although I refuse to believe that Vincent will end up quite so plump once he has aged a few years! (sorry Teddy) The story takes you back to post second world war England where Vincent meets his sweetheart, the gorgeous Flavia. We are taken on a wonderful musical journey as older Vincent reminisces about his life whilst looking through his possessions in a dusty attic, set above the main stage.

Vincent and Flavia have been dancing together for more than 20 years, and it shows. They are the perfect couple in every sense, their spectacular dance numbers are incredible to watch making it all the more easier to drink in every exquisite movement. The ensemble cast do a perfect job of bringing the story to life by adding light and shade to what is, in parts, a heartbreaking story. There are upbeat musical numbers that include ‘Perhaps, perhaps’ and ‘Save the last dance for me’ I was almost in tears, though, when Vincent and Flavia danced to what I recognise as the violin solo from Schindler’s list. It was utterly breathtaking and a very moving moment indeed.

The Last Tango at Bristol Hippodrome with Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace

The Last Tango is directed by Olivier Award-winning choreographer and director Karen Bruce who has worked with the talented pair on other productions: Midnight Tango and Dance ‘Til Dawn. Vincent and Flavia have co-choreographed alongside Bruce and together they have created something very special. You will recognise lots of dances if you’ve ever watched Strictly Come Dancing including a rambunctious yet sensual Rumba and the most thrilling tango; the last tango bringing the audience members to their feet along with a rapturous applause.

Mr T and I had the best evening and watching the show brings back memories from many years ago, when we took dance lessons as a new couple. Learning to tango is now top of our bucket list! We enjoyed the show immensely with Mr T saying it is one of the best things he’s ever seen at the Hippodrome!

This is essentially the most beautiful love story, and if The Last Tango doesn’t make you want to grab a rose, put it between your teeth and strut your stuff then frankly, nothing will.

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*we received press tickets in exchange for a review

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