How I saved £585.00 a year by using Bean – a new personal finance software tool

How I saved £585 a year using Bean - a personal finance software tool

My name is Amy and I am frivolous. There I said it. Now we have that out of the way I want to make a pledge right here and right now: a promise that I will be less flaky when it comes to finances. We all have those months where we feel like we’ve overspent. In fact, at the beginning of this month and after a phone call with my sister comparing all the money we’d wasted we made a pact to have a couple of ‘no spend’ months in the run-up to Christmas.

But it’s not just one too many visits to the nail salon, it’s my personal finances that I need to get to grips with. Those monthly bills and subscriptions where real savings could be made. I’ve recently taken action to get this sorted once and for all and it’s been a huge weight off my mind. Maybe this year the guilt of the Christmas overspend might not hit me so hard.

My good friend Mrs Mummypenny recently introduced me to Bean a new personal finance software tool. Think of Bean as your very own personal financial assistant. They show you exactly what you need to see in order to make changes and we could all do with saving some moolah.

Am I right?

Did you know that £448 million is wasted on unused subscriptions every year in the UK? And a massive 84% of consumers reported subscriptions they weren’t aware they had signed up for -that’s a really big percentage. I’ve definitely signed up to things inadvertently or I’ve meant to cancel after a certain amount of time and just haven’t. It’s one of those situations where you know you need to go through everything and sort it out but with a to-do list as long as my arm I am the queen of procrastination and it doesn’t do me any favours in the long run.

I am basically the polar opposite to Mrs Mummypenny when it comes to saving. She is a saver and I am a splurger. A shove-my-head-in-the sand and pretend it will all go away type of gal. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this but I have never looked at our monthly outgoings and made an effort to save money. Never! It all just seems like such a massive faff but I’ve had my eyes opened and discovered that if you use Bean, it isn’t a pain at all. It’s actually really easy.

Let me talk you through it…

What is Bean?

Bean is a personal finance assistant. It helps you find, track and manage your bills and subscriptions. I am a testament that Bean is super easy to sign up to and navigate (if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have done it). It’s as simple as tapping a button. All you need to do is connect the account/s that you use to pay your monthly bills and subscriptions, Bean will analyse your transactions and show them to you in one easy to manage place. If you’re worried about security there’s no need; Bean uses state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information. Your sensitive personal information is always encrypted and securely stored.

How does it work?

Bean will automatically make suggestions so you can see if you can save money. Using Bean will also enable you to cancel unwanted subscriptions in one click. Bean is constantly working in the background, keeping you updated and will let you know if you’re nearing the end of a contract or if there’s a way of swapping to a zero interest credit card. Essentially it’s working away keeping an eye on your personal finances just like a real-life assistant would. You never have to worry about missing another deal ever again. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE to use. Yep, no strings, no commitment: a free tool that will analyse your outgoings and show you where the savings are. Watch this video to find out more about how Bean works.

How much did I save?

As I said above I’ve never made any attempt to save on monthly outgoings but after signing into Bean I could immediately see that there was a saving to be had with my energy provider. I’ve added a couple of screengrabs from my Bean account below so you can see for yourselves.

How I saved on my energy bill


You can see we’ve made 12 payments amounting to £1218.00 I clicked the yellow ‘See if you can save’ button and voila…


I saved 285 a year on my energy bill

At the click of a button and in the space of about one minute I could save £285.00 a year by switching. Unbelievable.

Now I had the bug, it was like a fascinating addictive game to see just how much I could save. So I went through our subscriptions one by one. I’m so pleased to say that by using Bean to find out about switching providers and cancelling unwanted subscriptions I can save a whopping £585.00 a year.


I’m staggered and picked up some serious brownie points when I told the hubby. I know I’ve been foolish to have never attempted this on my own before but it has never occurred to me that I could save that much. Lesson well and truly learned. I’ll be using Bean from now on to make sure I don’t return to my old ways of wasting money, I have the confidence that Bean will let me know when I could save and I’ve seen first hand how easy it is to switch providers and cancel the subscriptions I don’t need.

Try Bean for yourself – it’s free to use

I really want you to try Bean so you can see what a useful tool it is to manage your personal finances. Having the information you need, literally at your fingertips is a powerful thing and it’s completely free to use. I’d love for you to make some savings too so do check it out and sign up today. Let me know in the comments how much you’ve saved and we can all give each other a virtual high five for getting our personal finances in check!

*This post has been supported by Bean but all thoughts are my own.

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  • Donna

    Written on 1st October 2017


    I absolutely love things like this. When we were in a worse financial situation I would be constantly scouring my direct debits to see where I could save. Now, money goes in, money goes out and I don’t really pay attention. This could be life changing! x

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