#SaveSyriasChildren charity campaign video and a plea

A collection of images from the #SaveSyriasChildren charity campaign

It has been more than two months since the #SaveSyriasChildren campaign was launched to raise money for the children of Syria affected by war. Since September, more than 70 children have drowned trying to get to Greece. Large numbers of refugees and migrants continue to make the dangerous journey during the winter months and that number is set to rise.

As Winter approaches the sea crossing is riskier and children are often soaking wet and freezing when they are brought ashore, leading to a very real risk of hypothermia given the lack of shelter in the transit camps.

Thousands of families are still making desperate attempts to flee Syria and other countries, despite some European countries shutting their borders. Between January and October 2015 more than half a million people arrived on the Greek islands, up nearly 1,370 percent on the whole of 2014.  There are still up to 8,000 people arriving every day in Greece and 23 percent of them are children, who are often unable to swim and do not have proper lifejackets.

For those that do arrive, they are amongst thousands of others all in desperate need of aid and there is simply not enough to go around. Reports direct from the ground are that children have been seen sleeping in the mud shivering with blue lips and hands, covered only in a thin piece of cardboard, this breaks my heart but this is just one report, can you imagine what other circumstances these children are surviving in?

If you are reading this thinking ‘what can I do?’ then please, please consider making a donation, the quickest way to do this is by texting the word ‘SYRIA’ to 70008. Save the Children are working tirelessly on the ground preparing winter kits for families arriving in Greece, that include blankets and clothes. The charity is also distributing cooked meals to thousands of people every day and running special temporary centres for children and nursing mothers. Your donation can really make a difference.

I have put together a video of some of the images shared during the campaign (there were so many) our message was heard all over the world, there are images here from Italy, Brazil, Australia and Japan to name a few.

So, let’s have another push, please share the video, if you blog write your own blog post. Shout about this on social media, make a donation, encourage friends and family to donate. Tell everyone about the tremendous work Save the Children are doing to help, the more this stays in the public domain the more chance we have of raising much-needed funds.

As a community, we have raised and encouraged others to donate more than £8000! That is so amazing and on behalf of Save the Children I can’t thank you enough for that I am incredibly proud to have been a part of it but we really need to raise more!

The #SaveSyriasChildren campaign was and is a fantastic ongoing achievement and just proves that together people have the power to do good in a world that can make you question the humanity of your fellow man.

If you don’t want to donate via text message you can donate directly online at Save the Children Syria Crisis Appeal.

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