Sing N’ Dance Bob Minions toy from Asda

Has your house been taken over with Minions fever this Summer holiday?

Ours definitely has, in fact if you happen to knock the toy box as you walk past it you can hear a whole plethora of Minions chattering away in their native tongue. This can be quite disconcerting for the poor unsuspecting cat but all-together joyous in the eyes of our littlest, Rose.

We were sent a Sing N’ Dance Bob* from the lovely people at Asda, and let’s just say Bob has earned me some serious Mama brownie points. This little guy is hilarious and has already had plenty of adventures with new pal Rose.

Little girl unboxing Sing N’ Dance Boy Minions toy

Bob’s arms and legs move up and down, he sings, dances and says funny, albeit completely incomprehensible stuff in his cute Minion voice. There’s even a talkback feature-as if the cat wasn’t freaked out enough. It’s also rather comical if Bob accidentally makes it all the way from the toy box and into Rose’s cot. The conversations they’ve been having really are something else!

Minions Sing N Dance Bob available at Asda

As far as Minions go, and believe it or not I am becoming quite the authority on the subject; this little guy is brilliantly made, plush material, no cheap plastic bits, and lots of functions to keep your little ones entertained. If you buy him together with a Minions Stuart then he will interact with Minions Bob. Genius, what are they planning though?…

A big hit with Rose and brilliant fun for the rest of the family too. I envisage a whole army of Minion toys taking over Rose’s cot very soon!

Would you like to see Bob in action? Oh go on then…

You can get your hands on your own Sing N’ Dance Bob or a whole host of Minions toys, clothes and goodies right here from Asda.

*pr sample

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