Skinade collagen drinks a 30 day trial review

Skin has improved after using Skinade for 30 days

Years ago before this here parenting and family blog of mine, I was a beauty blogger. I started that blog because I was (and still am!) mad about makeup and skincare. One of my main obsessions is keeping my skin fresh, healthy and young looking and obtaining that somewhat elusive glow. I am pretty much swayed by any product that promises a ‘glowing’ or ‘radiant’ complexion. I am all about the shine, baby but it HAS to be in all the right places, you know?!

Results after using Skinade for 30 days


What we don’t want is oily shiny skin but that youthful shine is pretty, am I right? I managed to get through my teen years and the best part of my twenties with having really good skin. People would often comment on how clear my skin was and I just kind of assumed that it was in my genes as I basically ate crap and smoked like a chimney. Fast forward to 29 and I suffered quite badly with breakouts and rashes on and off for years and it made me so miserable.

I tried every trick in the book to get my skin looking tip top and some of those tips I will share with you in a bit but first I want to talk about this amazing product by Skinade that I was sent to trial. Skinade is really popular with celebs and models and it’s something that I have been wanting to try out for a couple of years now but in all honestly have been put off by the price tag. I had this misconception that I wanted to spend my money on all the beautiful looking and smelling lotions and potions that promise the earth but in fact, don’t always deliver. I’ve actually learnt over the years that mega expensive skincare isn’t usually the answer. Even the most expensive of moisturisers (and yes I have paid well over £100 for them) contain mineral oil, that is a big no-no and really not good for your skin.

I’ve come to realise – at the grand old age of 35 – that what is truly important is what’s on the inside. The better stuff you put in: water, clean food, the best selection of vitamins will directly reflect how you look on the outside.

The results of how Skin looks after a 30 day trial drinking liquid collagen drink, Skinade

Wrinkles, what wrinkles?!

What is Skinade?

Skinade is a multi-award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavoured anti-ageing collagen drink containing a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that boosts your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skinade improves the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days.

Skinade has been developed by leading UK scientists and is designed to provide a perfect ratio of liquid to active ingredients to create one of the most advanced, effective and bio-available anti-ageing skincare products on the market today. Skinade is an alternative approach to your skincare regime – a drink that works from the inside

You can actually drink your way to better-looking skin, good ey?!

Skinade works by delivering 6 active ingredients in the form of a liquid that you drink every day. There is an absorption rate of 90-95% compared to that of vitamin tablet counterparts that would be around 30-40%.


You are advised to drink Skinade in the morning and avoid caffeine as this can inhibit absorption. Avoiding coffee was the most difficult thing for me, anyone who reads my blog or follows me on social media will know that I am pretty much dependent on it. What I ended up doing was having a coffee first thing (I get up really early) going about my morning routine, dropping the kids off etc and then drinking the Skinade around an hour and a half later which was still before 9 am, might I add!

I was nervous to taste it as have had liquid iron drink supplements in the past and hated the taste, however, I needn’t have worried because it tastes just like tropical flavour juice. It is not in any way unpleasant to drink, quite the opposite. The drinks are shelf-stable but I found it even better to keep a few in the fridge and replenish as I drunk them and that way I had a nice cold drink at breakfast time.

When I take a lot of vitamins it makes me feel really sick so this was something else I was on the look out for. I didn’t experince any sicky feeling at all. It is worth mentioning that as the collagen peptides in Skinade are sourced from fresh-water fish this drink wouldn’t be suitable for vegetarians.

My top tips for youthful looking skin

  • Drink plenty of water (it’s an oldie but a goodie)
  • Eat clean/paleo foods if you can
  • Raw food is even better
  • Drink a green juice every day made from a handful of kale, handful of spinach and avocado, stick of celery a banana and a few berries
  • Exercise
  • Have more sex it is proven to give you a healthy glow (it’s true!)
  • Try wheatgrass shots, they are like drinking liquid sunshine or in other words chlorophyl
  • Do NOT smoke, just don’t unless you want to end up wrinkly and with cat’s bum mouth
  • Try Skinade for a massive collagen and vitamin boost

The results after 30 days of drinking Skinade

I noticed a difference on day 3! I did do this trial at the beginning of the year when I was being super healthy, going to the gym etc and I was and still am watching what I eat. Like I said it matters what you put in. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that my skin was plumper and far less dehydrated. I have a lot of hair already so didn’t notice much difference there but my nails were so strong it was unbelievable. One thing to note, and something even Mr T remarked on was how bright my eyes looked. I just feel that I looked really healthy and I did get a nice dewy and fresh feeling to my skin.

Skin has improved after using Skinade for 30 days

I’ve uploaded a couple of pictures in this post for you and ordinarily I’ll admit that I would run them through Photoshop adding a filter and removing the worst of the eye bags and wrinkles but for the fairness of this trial I have left them completely unedited.

I did without any doubt notice a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes and felt I looked more youthful. I will be 36 in a few months and so it is inevitable that I will continue to develop fine lines and loss of elasticity. I wouldn’t consider botox but I would pay the money myself and buy Skinade as an insurance policy for my skin, in a nutshell, it is worth the money if you want to take preventative measures against ageing. I’ve worked it out and if I can manage to give up my daily cup of coffee when out and about and stick to affordable moisturiser then that could justify the expense of Skinade.

Now to go on a coffee detox…

A 30-day course of Skinade is £99.00

*I was gifted a 30 day trial of Skinade for review consideration

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  • Natalie Ray

    Written on 16th March 2016


    Ooh, this sounds fabulous. I love mangosteen, I think it’s underrated. You look amazing Amy but then you always do. It’s great that it made you feel better too.x

  • Jade

    Written on 18th March 2016


    I found this so informative thank you! I totally empathise as I had great skin, just turned 28 and seemed to have reverted to a teenager. Didn’t know about the mineral oil! I seem to trust mummy’s reviews of beauty products more as life is busy and challenging for us I think our body suffers from it! I am glad you said about it not making you feel icky as often I am put off by supplements because of this! Ps I think you should stick to no filters! Totally tempted to give it a go :) x

  • Becky

    Written on 14th April 2016


    Curious to compare with just giving up caffeine and replacing with more water? Reckon you might get similar results ??

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 14th April 2016


      Do you know I think you would probably get really good results for your skin, I just can not give up coffee, I can’t do it! The vitamin drinks are amazing for nail and hair growth which is my main reason for using them but when I drink loads of water, home made veg juices my skin glows even without the vitamin drinks!

  • Becky

    Written on 14th April 2016


    Must agree with you there but life without a few guilty pleasures is no fun at all !!

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