Slendertone connect app driven abs toning belt review

Slendertone connect app driven abs belt review

I’ll tell you a little story…years ago I was working in a pub, so there I am crop top on and bare midriff. A woman comes up to the bar and she said to me ‘UGH! That stomach, wait until you’ve had a couple of kids and you’ll NEVER see it again!’

to which I replied ‘actually I have two children, they’re 18 months and 6 months old’


I was 20 years old and had a couple of kids, my tummy was as enviable and as flat as they come. I was young, I bounced back after childbirth and I took my figure for granted. Fast-forward a few years and at the grand old age of 31 (!) I had my third baby and with her came the dreaded MUMMY TUMMY and three years on I have this crinkled paunch and it doesn’t seem to matter how much work I put in at the gym, it showed no signs of budging whatsoever.

Absolutely no chance of any midriff-bearing, crop top wearing for this mama.


To be fair, there is actual muscle lurking underneath my mummy tummy, I just really need to tone it up. If you’re into eating well and moderate exercise and you want to tone up those last stubborn areas you are going to need a little bit of extra help…

Mobile phone controlling the Slendertone connect

I’ve been using the Slendertone connect app driven abs toning belt* for the last 6 weeks now and I am so impressed/amazed/flabbergasted because it has seriously helped to tone up the bits I thought were beyond toning. I wouldn’t say I’m back to ‘bar girl tummy’ but my goodness I am far more toned in that area in the last 6 weeks than I have been in three years and that is really saying something.

I set an alarm on my phone for 9pm every night as I know all the kids will be in bed by then and between about 9 and 10.30pm is when Justin and I catch up on whatever box set we’re watching (OITNB -amazing- FYI!) I pop on my Slendertone belt, connect the app and lie there and let it do its thing (the belt, not Justin, you saucy lot)

30 minutes is like doing 202 sit-ups, I mean come on, basically I can watch tv without even breaking a sweat, pretty darn cool, am I right?

Slendertone connect app driven abs belt review

I will add in now that for the past 6 weeks I’ve been very careful with my diet because we’re going on holiday (this week actually) I haven’t really made it to the gym that often, probably 2 or 3 times on a good week and that will be a spin class or body combat. I do think it’s really important to eat well and exercise whilst using the Slendertone belt as that is when you will see the best results. I can’t see it working if you’re stuffing your face with chocolate every night and driving your car, like, 50 yards down the road. It doesn’t have magical powers <But seriously, Slendertone, if you do ever invent anything like that I AM IN>

This really is a nifty gadget; all you need to do is download the free app on your phone, follow the simple instructions and you can tone your abs and track your progress all at the same time. The Slendertone connect can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. It uses bluetooth technology which shows you your progress in real time and also helps you with goal setting, thus motivating you. There was a really cool feature that I used to count down to our holiday I got a reminder to use the belt every evening and a progress report after every session.

The belt itself is really ergonomic and if you wanted to walk around the supermarket with it on, you totally could, no one would even know, unless you got ‘Slendertone face’ which I do get sometimes as I have mine set quite high (around 60) so it’s probably for the best if I stay in and wear mine. The Slendertone Connect app has 5 unique 6 week programmes for different needs: increasing your physical performances, getting back into shape after pregnancy, staying in shape and toning muscles. There’s something for everyone and it means you can switch up your toning programme to suit your requirements.

The big question: does it hurt?

I’m not going to lie to you, if you have it set high enough it’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world. It’s actually more of a weird sensation than a hurty pain if that makes sense. When it is set low and you can really feel it getting to work on your stomach muscles it is very much like feeling a baby move around inside you when you’re pregnant, a bit like when you get butterflies in your tummy. I have only experienced it at full whack the one time and that was when my older kids thought it would be hilarious to nick my phone while I was using it and turn the intensity up to 100, aren’t they funny? (gits)

Wearing the Slendertone connect abs belt

What’s in the box?

  • Slendertone Connect Abs unisex toning belt.
  • Rechargeable controller.
  • 1 USB charging cable.
  • 1 Set of replacement gel pads.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Travel pouch.

*NB the app requires the Slendertone Connect Abs toning belt and an Apple iPhone 4S or newer, an Apple iPad 4thgeneration or newer or Apple iPod Touch. Available for Android from Autumn 2016.

I’m really chuffed I’ve got to try out the Slendertone connect, it has without a doubt toned up a very stubborn area that I’ve been trying to get rid of for ages so I will continue to use it. I would definitely go ahead and buy Slendertone for the other parts of my body that need extra help with toning (hello bingo wings)

I can’t fault it, it’s absolutely brilliant and the fact that there is an app makes me love it even more. Huge thumbs up from me.

Now where can I buy that crop top?

*pr sample

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