Snapfish photo calendars review

Snapfish collage

You will know by now that photography is a huge part of my life. I love sharing our every day lives both here on the blog and on Instagram (my favourite place) We live in a digital era, share our images online and quite often forget about them never to be seen again.

I have tried to make the effort of printing my favourite images this year, the ones I want to walk past and smile at every day. I reviewed a stunning canvass from Snapfish earlier in the year so when they asked if I’d like to make a couple of  Snapfish photo calendars my answer was a resounding yes!

I decided to make one calendar for the kitchen, I thought what better place than to show off all my best dishes in photo calendar form. The calendar turned out even better than I expected and I love the chalkboard effect backgrounds with my images. Very chef-y, get me!

I was going to overlay some text to the images with the actual recipes on but considering they all had quite a few ingredients it looked messy so I just stuck with the main title of the dish.

It turned out so well, don’t you think?

Snapfish recipe calendar

sweet potato brownies

                                                                                           The original image

Next, I made a calendar to hang in my office, it is comprised of all my very favourite images from the past year and I tried to pick one to match each season and month displayed. I also love that you can pick any date you like and customise it with a photo and text, it is absolutely brilliant and adds such a personal touch. I chose to stick with birthdays but you could put anything you like; school term times, your next holiday, it’s up to you.

Snapfish personal calendar

little girl sat in a wheelbarrow with a dog

                                                                                    The original image

As always with Snapfish you can rely on the print quality being the very best, Snapfish will warn you if the resolution of your image is low and won’t look good printed so you can easily swap it for another when you upload. Snapfish has the easiest software I have ever used and I’ve made quite a few things like this over the years. It is so straight forward and just a case of choosing the product you want, uploading pictures and dragging and dropping them where you want them to go. As I said it is completely customisable, you can add text, change font, colour, size whatever you want the possibilities are endless and the it’s really easy to work and a pleasure to do in fact choosing which images you’re going to use is the hardest part.

Very competitive prices too, so you really can’t go wrong. Plenty of time left to get one of these made ready for the new year or these calendars would make a perfect and thoughtful Christmas gift and are still available for Christmas delivery if you order by tomorrow 19th December.

That’s not all: I spotted this morning that Snapfish have a huge sale where you can get 40% off everything which makes all of their products an absolute steal!

Use code 4XMAS15 but be quick as the offer ends on Sunday 20th.

*I was gifted the calendars from Snapfish in exchange for a review

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