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As a blogger I get many emails every day, and I’m not showing off it’s simply part and parcel of the job. Each day I field through my emails and every so often a little gem lands in my inbox. Something that makes me think wow what a fantastic idea, something that piques my interest and most importantly something that will be of interest to my readers too.

This week I was introduced to So Just Shop, an online place to buy beautiful, quality, handmade and ethically sourced products. This excites me, firstly I adore the uniqueness of handmade accessories (who doesn’t) but most importantly because I am becoming increasingly conscious of where products have actually come from, who has made them, under what conditions and if the craftspeople have been treated well and paid a fair price for their work?

There’s something so special about being able to pinpoint where your beautiful handmade scarf has been created. Or knowing that the women who made your bracelet has crafted it with knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation. Bespoke items with a cultural twist.

Azra bracelets

So Just Shop are true champions of women, bringing together, working with and supporting wonderfully talented, women-led artisan businesses from all over the world.

Isn’t that just fantastic?

On looking at the website I am immediately drawn to the women and their stories, each with their own tale to tell of how their enterprise was born. What strikes me most is the obvious camaraderie amongst the women, all working together to build a brighter future for their families and to work their way out of poverty side by side.

The products themselves are undoubtably exquisite, I’m particularly drawn to this Azra silver bracelet, a beaded wide cuff style made with an Indian knotting technique. Completely gorgeous, and the perfect accessory for summer, I think you’ll agree.

So Just Shop is entering Richard Branson’s-Virgin Businesses’ ‘Pitch to Rich’ in the Start Up category. Please take 90 seconds to watch this short video from Jennifer Georgeson; founder and CEO of So Just Shop. In the video Jennifer talks about the work that she has done in the African slums and the poverty that she has witnessed first hand. Your vote can have a positive impact and enable So Just Shop to help women through sustainable economic development.

This empowerment of women is tantamount to providing a platform upon which a community can thrive. So next time you’re thinking about buying a beautifully hand crafted bespoke piece, I urge you to visit So Just Shop and discover the products there for yourselves.

If we all make small yet mindful changes to our buying behaviour we have the power to enable these women a place to showcase their talent and work towards economic independence which in turn has a huge positive impact on the health and educational prospects of the whole family.

You can vote for So Just Shop’s ‘Pitch to Rich’ here I have done it and it took 20 seconds, so please take the time to vote.

Let’s all become champions of women!

A beautiful story

There are different ways to shop and different ways to do business, success being defined not only through profit but by having an unequivocal effect on whole communities.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

*This is a collaborative post

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