So you want bigger hair?

I have been putting a wave or a curl into my limp hair for a lot of years now. A bit of a curl gives my hair some much needed oomph and also makes it far easier for me to style on a daily basis. I have found after trial and error over the years that heated rollers give the best long-lasting curl, and help my hair look more voluminous and bouncy. I tend to only wash my hair three times a week and usually I’ll put heated rollers in after each wash and my hair stays nice for a couple of days.
Usually when I’m at home my hair is up and I look like this…
I use Enrapture extremity heated rollers I paid £59.99 for mine from boots but if you’re after some, follow the link as they are on sale on Amazon for £43.95 with free delivery, bargain! They heat up really really quickly in three minutes. It does state in the instructions that they cool down in 10 minutes but I leave them in for a good hour. Getting the hair to completely cool is key when using rollers, to ensure the curl doesn’t drop straight out. Be warned; these rollers really do get extremely, extremely hot. Before I use them anywhere near my skin, so nape of the neck around my ears, I take them out from the box and leave them to cool for a minute before putting them in. They can also get a bit burny on the old fingers if you’re not quick to get them in but to be fair I do use them on the highest heat setting going so that probably doesn’t help. The packaging is super sleek and quite posh looking! The rollers come in two different sizes for volume and are velour on the outside so don’t drag or pull on the hair. The clips are heated which I haven’t come across before so that’s a plus point for me.
I put them in with a parting as that’s the style I like but obviously you could do it the traditional way, going from the crown and working back. There are loads of tutorials on Youtube about roller placement.
Below is after rollers had been in an hour. I brushed my hair out with an anti static brush. As you can see it’s much fuller, sleeker and more bouncy, yippee!
Because of my parting and where I placed the rollers, the left side of my hair looks much fuller than the right so if I’m going on a night out or something I usually pull all my hair over my left shoulder and put a couple of pins in at the back for a bit of a 1940s feel. This sort of style looks great with red lipstick!
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