Spanish Learning for Kids – and how to win a free subscription

There are things in this life which can happen very quickly and turn one’s fortunes right around. Like winning the lottery! I’ve never won big on the lottery folks, and I’m not likely to as an occasional player, but I realise that if I don’t enter I have zero chance of winning. (Should I play more often do you think?)

Then there are situations when a little time investment is required for long lasting results, like learning how to ride a bike. Once I ‘got it’ – and it took some practice, as we all remember – the knowledge never went away; yes, I’ll always know how to ride a bike.

If learning to ride a bike is a useful life skill, then what about learning to speak a second language?

[Pause for thought]

A question I’m often asked is: “How long does it take to learn Spanish?”. And the answer I am always tempted to give is: “How long have you got?”. For learning a second language is not a speedy thing; it’s not going to happen in a moment. It’s not like winning the lottery. And nor is it like learning to ride a bike because you don’t crack language learning in a matter of days. Indeed, if you think back to how you learned to speak your native language, it took many years before you attained mastery – and that was when you were lucky enough to possess an almost superhuman ability to absorb everything that came your way. As a baby, as a toddler, as an infant, as a child, you were picking up language bit by bit, moment by moment. And you were becoming very good at it!

If we agree that speaking more than a single language brings advantages in this life – and here I’m going to make the assumption that you’ve read elsewhere of those advantages – do we also agree that young children exposed to two languages are likely to learn faster than anyone older than them? Studies have shown that young children benefit from having no preconceived ideas, few distractions, an expanding brain capacity, and implicit language learning skills (learning without conscious thought). Many years ago it was thought that exposing a child to a second language while they were still learning their first would be harmful to their development. Now we can be absolutely certain that the opposite is true.

Your child already speaks English – or is learning to speak it – with your help. They are fortunate, for English is a language which will continue to dominate in the world for so many years to come.

So, which second language do you choose for your child to learn? If statistics are a pointer then look no further than Spanish. 414 million people speak Spanish globally compared with 335 million who speak English.

Speekee® is an online course which teaches young children Spanish. It’s video based which means that learning Spanish happens simply by watching and absorbing. Over the years Speekee has become more expansive, adding parental involvement and even options for interactivity between learners.

I am Jim Porter, one of Speekee’s creators, and I’m delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Mr & Mrs T Plus 3 for a massive giveaway! We like to encourage children to learn Spanish; we see it as so advantageous in this increasingly globalised world. That’s why we are giving away 1 special prize of a free year’s subscription to Speekee, plus 99 – yes, 99! – runner-up prizes of free-month subscriptions.

Enter the Speekee giveaway below.

If you are a winner you’ll be giving your child the advantage of learning Spanish at just the right moment. That moment is now.

Good luck to you – I hope I’ll be personally contacting you very soon about your win!


Terms and Conditions

  • Once the 100 winners have been randomly drawn they will be required to sign up at and give their PayPal details to claim the prize. No payment will be taken in the first month and account cancellation may be done at any time during or after the free trial period. 
  • There is no requirement to ‘like’ Speekee’s Facebook page as a condition of entry. 
  • We are accepting worldwide entrants. Speekee will work anywhere where a computer meets an internet connection!

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