Spring 2016 wishlist with Pantone colour palette report

My 2016 spring wishlist

Spring is finally in the air, it really is. There are flowers getting ready to bloom, (slightly) warmer days, more hours of daylight and the promise of lamb-filled fields on the horizon. I adore the changing seasons and by the end of the winter always feel so ready for spring. Apart from being busy baking and preparing for Easter, one of my favourite things to do is start thinking about a few key fashion pieces to see me through the transition from winter to spring.

I’ve set about putting my spring wishlist together and this year I took a look at the Pantone colour palette report to make sure that I will be on trend and stylishly rocking my spring look.

Pantone spring colour palette

Image credit-Enreverie Blog

So as you can see the spring palette is much to be expected with pretty pastels dominating along with fresh green and fiery red. I’m happy to see a coffee shade on there too which would work as an excellent nail polish shade.

Spring colour palette outfits

Image credit- websista.it

As far as runway trends go we are seeing lots of lovely girly florals along with an urban take on pattern. Loose garments will be popular (hurrah) as well as sexy off the shoulder numbers, Victorian esque pieces will feature heavily and the 70s vibe that you thought had been and gone is back for 2016. Think ruffles, netting (yes really) paper bag waists, pleats and lots of suede. Oh, and flats are back. You’re welcome.

If you’re looking for something a bit less haute-couture and more daytime casual, here’s my spring wishlist for you to have a peep at.

Spring 2016 wishlist

  1. It’s no secret that I love handbags, I do try and collect at least one per year and I almost squealed with delight when I spotted this beauty from Radley. I am ‘grown up’ enough to carry a bag like this now *winks* The Radley Ebury Medium Leather Tote couldn’t get any better and is the perfect pastel pink with subtle gold-toned branding. Plenty of space, with two extra sections on either side of the central zipped compartment, which also includes an additional zip pocket.
  2. A statement necklace is always a welcome addition to any outfit. This resin one from accessorize is a mere snip at £15.00 and the teardrop shaped design would sit prettily over a cashmere knit, t-shirt or a dress. It’s a great all-rounder to add a bit of flair and liven up any outfit.
  3. Oh, how I love Breton, I can’t get enough of it and have a wardrobe stuffed full of this pattern but it just never gets old. This cotton beauty is completely timeless and can be worn with tights and boots while it’s still a bit chilly and then flats or sandals once it’s time to get those toes out. With a classic breton dress you can not go wrong with it and you will not regret adding it to your wardrobe! Lots of other dresses to choose from on this site if you don’t want to dress like a french girl, but frankly why wouldn’t you?
  4. As well as being a bit of a handbag fiend, one of my favourite things to buy is perfume. I am one of those people that changes scent from day to evening and also season to season. I think it makes sense to match your perfume to your environment and well, let’s face it, any excuse to add a new bottle to the collection! I am a massive fan of Miss Dior and already have a couple in my arsenal. They usually bring out a new spring variation each year and this one doesn’t disappoint with fresh and zesty notes befitting of the time of year.
  5. Sunglasses because it’s GOING to be sunny, right?! I have it on good authority (thanks, Google weather predictions) that we will be needing sunglasses. I love these preppy 70s shades and think the colour is spot on, I also like that they are quirky and a little bit geeky just like me. Plus they are £25.00 which means I can splash out on the animal print ones too!
  6. Over-the-knee boots. Ok, when I was first persuaded to try on a pair of these boots I almost laughed at the suggestion. Looking at them you would be forgiven for thinking that they are a bit ‘swash buckling’ I don’t know if that’s even a phrase but I thought they were way too trendy for me and reminded me of something from a pantomime. I kid you not, these look so good on! I have seen a few fellow bloggers rocking this style of boot and it just encourages me to go for it. Don’t be frightened of black just because it’s spring it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a few items that anchor your look and black boots are perfect for that. I absolutely love them and although these are an investment piece I don’t anticipate them going out of style anytime soon. I almost had a heart attack when I was shopping on Lyst (a bit like having an online personal shopper for those of you that don’t know)  and saw these gorgeous boots down from £742 to £371 that is a half price pair of Isabel Marant boots and a seriously crazy bargain. They will go with everything; skinny jeans, leggings, dresses with tights, and they are Isabel Marant, need I say more? If you aren’t into the over-the-knee style then check out the many more different style boots on the Lyst site, and I don’t blame me if you spend hours on there making ‘Lysts’
  7. What spring outfit is complete without a beautiful scarf? I just feel so much more presentable with a scarf thrown casually around my neck. This floral one ticks all the boxes in the style stakes by being oversized, voluminous and floral. Tick, tick, tick! Lovely.
  8. If you are going to buy the breton dress then do yourself a favour and team it with a canary yellow cardigan. Breton plus yellow cashmere, equals love at first site. I can highly recommend cashmere as being a brilliant transitional piece that will never go out of fashion. A bright cheerful cardigan like this one will become a staple in your spring wardrobe and you will be wearing it years to come.

That’s my spring wishlist, what do you think, have you any must have items to add?

*This was a collaborative post

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  • Cindy Hoffman

    Written on 5th March 2016


    I love the sound of Peach echo and serenity also. They seem to be the colors that I am obsessed with. Ohh, and I am dying for that pink purse.
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration.


  • Katy (What Katy Said)

    Written on 7th March 2016


    I am so excited for spring colours. I love that we get to dress differently throughout the year. Not sure I would like if I lived somewhere with one weather type and therefore one colour palette for my wardrobe, you know? x

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