Sprinkle a bit of glitter on someone else this Christmas

Blowing magical Christmassy glitter

Blowing magical Christmassy glitter

If you are a regular reader here then you will know that I have been so caught up with work lately that I’ve hardly done any Christmas shopping at all! This does make me feel slightly panicked but I am venturing out on Tuesday and I shall just get the rest done in a single trip-I’m brave like that ;-)

I do feel though, that it is all too easy to get caught up in the Christmas furore and go overboard and so with that in mind I was really delighted to be nominated by Aby in a festive challenge initiated by Wayfair. Bloggers have been invited to ‘blog it forward’ by doing a good deed and, in turn, Wayfair will donate £50.00 to Habitat for Humanity. Isn’t that wonderful?

Throw Kindness around like confetti, random acts of kindness

I want to encourage my children to understand what Christmas is really about, for them to gain an understanding of others’ needs above their own and so this was a great opportunity to get the whole family involved in these acts of kindness. This is what we came up with, some acts have been completed already and the rest will be finished next week:

Help an elderly neighbour 

This job was given to Lewis and Mr T. On Friday they went round to our neighbours house and brushed up all the dead and slippery leaves from around their house. We live on the edge of a forest and so there are a lot of leaves, they were rewarded from my neighbour with homemade coconut cake and tea so that was good! Lewis has pledged to brush them up the next time the leaf situation gets out of control.

Take gifts to Rose’s nursery

On Monday Rose will be getting busy in the kitchen and making some chocolate lollies to take to her nursery teachers. They will also have a small box of goodies from Lush each as I want them to know how much I appreciate them caring for Rose and the peace of mind it gives me as they are all so fantastic with her, even when she’s moody!

Visit the elderly

A few years ago I used to work at the local elderly people’s home as the resident dental nurse, I stayed in touch with one of the ladies there and have arranged a visit. She was 78 when I left and is now 93. She does have family, but they won’t be arriving until the week after Christmas so I will be taking Rose and Holly to meet her on Christmas eve. I will also take her a lovely bunch of flowers and a tiny bottle of Whiskey which was always her favourite!

A picture of a Rose

Donate some books to the hospital

My other neighbour is a minister I have put some books in a box and she will be taking them on one of her hospital visits next week and distributing them for me.

Donate bags of food to the food bank

Last week I got extra food when I went shopping I made sure to put a couple of boxes of Quality Street in and also useful stuff like cans of soup and toilet paper. We will be dropping this off at our local food bank on Tuesday morning.

Make a donation to charity

We do our best to support charity all year round and always try to give extra donations at Christmas time. This year we have chosen the Save the Children’s Syria Appeal and when I noticed on facebook Nisbah from Five Adventurers was collecting for a women’s refuge I sent a donation to her for that. I thought it was so wonderful of her to organise and Nisbah managed to get so many toys for the children in the refuge. Having spent some time in a refuge myself many years ago I can only imagine the relief those mothers felt to receive such kindness.

A heap of toys collected for a women’s refuge

I also need to nominate two other’s to blog it forward so I challenge Lucy from Hello Beautiful Bear and Laura from Life with Baby kicks I ‘d really love to see your acts of kindness girls, big or small, you have until December 31st to join in with this if you can.


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