Swisse vitamins catch up: What am I taking?

I thought it was high time for a vitamins catch-up on the blog and YouTube. I recently made a series of instastories but unfortunately, my phone was out of storage (as per!) so I couldn’t download them. I’ve been making lots of instastories – especially lots of no make up ones at the gym and a few people have messaged me complimenting my skin, so I’ve made a brand new video detailing which Swisse vitamins I take on a daily basis.

The Swisse vitamins I take, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle all contribute to my well-being on the inside and out. Press play on the video above to find out more and see the list below with a summary and links to each product I talk about.

A range of vitamins from Swisse

Swisse Women’s Ultivites

I’ve been taking these for almost a year so that just goes to show how well I’m getting on with them. It’s nice to be able to take something once a day and know that it has all the multivitamins I need. The women’s Ultivites are also really good for energy production thanks to the B vitamins and I really notice a lack in motivation if I’ve been slack taking them! They are a high quality comprehensive multivitamin formula containing vitamins, minerals, extracts of natural botanicals and other nutrients, to support the healthy diet of women.

Buy Swisse Women’s Ultivites here.

Swisse Hair Skin Nails

As I mention in the video, these are the hero product for me and I wouldn’t be without them. When I was a bit lapse in taking all my vitamins over the Christmas period I noticed straight away that my nails were breaking because they were so dry and brittle, my hair wasn’t as healthy looking and shiny and my skin was starting to break out. I just felt really lacklustre without them. Lesson learned! The biotin, zinc and selenium in Hair Skin Nails contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and skin and nails and gives a real vitamin boost.

Buy Swisse Hair Skin Nails here.

Swisse magnesium

A high strength magnesium and vitamin B6 to support a healthy diet. If I don’t take these my mind is still racing at 100 miles an hour, they really help to settle me especially in the evenings when I need to switch off. As with the Ultivites and the Hair Skin Nails, the magnesium supplement contributes to normal energy production and release.

Buy Swisse Magnesium here

Swisse High Strength Vitamin C

I think we all need a bit of extra Vitamin C especially in the colder months. It’s so good for the immune system and also helps with collagen production and I am of an age where that is really important to me. I have definitely noticed in the last couple of years that my skin is slacker than it once was, so I’ll take all the collegen I can get my hands on! Vitamin C also helps reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Buy Swisse High Strength Vitamin C here. 

Swisse Grape seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract is another really good vitamin for healthy skin and promoting collegen production. The amazing thing about Swisse is that they use botanical ingredients. The grape seed extract is from fresh seeds and there’s also fresh blood orange extrat in this supplement too.

Buy Swisse Grape Seed Extract here. 

Swisse Weight Control

I got really serious about taking these at the end of January. I had definitely put on a few pounds over Christmas thanks to all the rich food and a skiing holiday where I basically ate and drank too much. The Swisse Weight Control has glucomannan – a natural fibre – which expands when it hits your stomach and really helps you feel fuller for longer. This isn’t a magic pill (I wish!) but used sensibly with a healthy diet it really does help me stop reaching for sugary foods during that dreaded afternoon energy slump. There’s also chromium to contribute towards normal metabolism of macronutrients, and zinc helps normalise metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids.

Buy Swisse Weight Control here.

Swisse Herbal Sleep Aid

Last but not least is the herbal sleep aid – another product I wouldn’t want to be without. I use this about twice a week to help me get a really good night’s sleep. I find twice a week is plenty to keep me in a good regular sleeping pattern. It works wonders at helping me to drift off calmly and I get a really restful night after taking it. The best thing about this one is, you don’t get that awful groggy feeling in the morning.

Buy Swisse Herbal Sleep Aid here.

Swisse vitamins are available exclusively at Boots and I just noticed there is a 3 for 2 on vitamins so don’t forget to stock up. Let me know if you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them.

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