Teens vs Toddlers the low-down

So as you know I live with teenagers and a toddler at the same time. Both have their challenges but who’s harder to handle?!

Mess makers

  • Teenagers are notoriously messy, they care not about wet towels strewn about the place, growing mouldy science experiments in their bedrooms or being overly zealous when it comes to washing the dishes.
  • Toddlers leave discarded toys in their wake, empty drawers/cupboards/the contents of your handbag the second your back is turned and literally eat out of the bin (or is that just mine?!)

Winner:Toddlers are the messiest. Well at least you can force ask the teenagers to help you tidy up.

Tantrum thrower

  • Teenagers are by their very nature stroppy creatures. They throw tantrums about mostly everything, such as, you daring to ask them to do anything other than stare at the tiny phone screen pulling faces on this thing called ‘snapchat’ whatever that is. They also don’t like being told how to dress, what time to be home, what they’re going to eat. The list goes on…
  • Toddlers throw tantrums over smaller things such as sitting in the supermarket trolley, the cat ignoring them, not being allowed to eat toothpaste or play with electrical sockets and so on.

Winner: Teenagers are the biggest tantrum throwers. Toddlers are notoriously fickle and therefore more easily distracted.

Fussiest Eaters

  • Teenagers really only like two foods; pot noodles and super noodles. If you ask them to eat anything else you will more than likely face objection and possible threats of them reporting you to Childline for ruining their lives because you tried to get them to eat quinoa.
  • Toddlers will eat just about everything including crayons and cat food apart from the food you actually want them to eat. They will show their appreciation for your hard work in the kitchen by decorating the floor/walls with it.

Winner: Teenagers are most fussy. See earlier note about toddlers eating from the bin.

Worst sleepers

  • Teenagers are nocturnal and will pretend to be asleep when they’re supposed to be but really the glow you can see emanating from under the bed covers is from their mobile phone because they didn’t chat to their friends enough all day they have to chat or ‘snapchat’ all night too.
  • Toddlers will lull you into a false sense of security. They will trick you into thinking they’re in the deepest of sleeps so you tip-toe away from them ninja style, only when you’re halfway down the stairs they will sense you have abandoned them and awaken immediately. They have the capacity and stamina to play this game all night long.

Winner: Toddlers are the worst sleepers at least teenagers are sneaky about it and won’t disturb you. They will also never ever wake you up at 6.00am. In fact, the only thing that annoys them enough to get up is if you go in and vacuum under their bed.

Verdict: It’s a draw, their both as bad as each other!


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