TenStickers wall stickers review

When a lovely chap from TenStickers got in touch to ask if I would like to review a wall sticker, it was as if he was reading my mind, as only earlier that week I had been thinking it would be super cool to put a sticker up in Lewis’s newly decorated room. Impeccable timing, I thought.

TenStickers summer flower sticker

Looking at the TenStickers website, my first thought was how on earth am I going to chose something? There are so many interesting and trendy designs, these talented guys really have thought of it all when it comes to your sticky wall decorations. Not to mention, kitchen cupboards, drawers, laptop stickers, there’s a sticker for practically anything! They have an enormous variety, some of which includes; fairytales, characters, floral, slogans, maps, tv and film, cars the list goes on…They even offer a bespoke service of turning your photographs into stickers, imagine that.

The website was very easy to navigate and in the end I chose a world map, which is really funky because the shape of the text on the stickers actually forms the shape of the map-very clever and something a bit different, I went for it in a vibrant orange, this being Lewis’s favourite colour. With that decided I placed my order and received an email immediately telling me my order was being made. A day or two later another to say my sticker was on it’s way. It arrived packaged really well rolled up inside a solid cardboard tube. On reading the instructions that came with it I took it out of it’s packaging and lay it out flat on the dining room table for a few hours before we wanted to stick it up.

TenStickers World map sticker

Mr T and I then took out our spatulas (or in our case debit cards) and began going over the top of the protective paper to ensure the sticker would stick properly. After all we didn’t want any mishaps. We followed the instructions to the letter, took the sticker over to the wall, lined it up, and began the sticking to the wall process and then…

Disaster and a massive, epic, fail on our part. In our excitement of getting the sticker on the wall, Mr T and I forgot to check that it was the right way up and only realised half way through the peeling, smoothing, sticking process! Unfortunately by now half of the sticker was on the wall the wrong way round. I felt so sad and stupid. Believe it or not we do both actually know which way round the globe goes. We both agreed that we are a pair of complete imbeciles and can’t believe neither one of us checked it was round the right way!

So massive apologies that I haven’t got an image of the ‘actual’ sticker we were sent, because it would have looked amazing *sad face* Apart from the fact we totally messed it up-I was super impressed by the customer service, website, variety, brilliant price-point and most of all excellent quality of the sticker. TenStickers really should be your first stop if you’re thinking about wall art just make sure you put it round the right way people! I thought the last sticker image was a rather fitting way to end this review..


No Mistakes sticker
TenStickers No Mistakes sticker


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