The BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2015

Yes it’s that time of year again when you need to pop your thinking caps on and decide who you will be nominating for the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards-or BiBS as they’re more commonly known.

I wanted to write a little post including all my nominees as a bit of a thank you to some really wonderful bloggers. Ladies who inspire me, uplift me, make me smile and have helped me find my voice. so without further ado my nominees for the BiBS awards 2015 are..


My nomination for the best food blog goes to Misplaced Brit. Steph’s food recipes are simply stunning and her food photography is divine. I am in absolute awe that she is able to make the recipes on her site look so mouth-wateringly delicious and the way that she writes about the food and presents the recipe makes you feel confident you can do it too!


My nomination for the most inspiring blog award is Pouting in Heels. This was an easy decision for me as Kate’s writing is perfection personified. Kate makes me want to be a better writer, and the things that she has written, completely from her heart have made me want to be a better person. Kate is a fierce defender of women and has written inspirational posts where she manages to evoke such a strong feeling that when I read her beautiful words, I feel she has written her post just for me. Gorgeous blog, gorgeous lady and a true inspiration to aspiring bloggers like me.


My nomination for the social media category is Mummy’s little Monkey. What Jacqui doesn’t know about social media is probably not worth knowing! It’s safe to say she is an absolute social media maven. Ever present, always active and totally immersed in the whole world of social media. She is a fountain of knowledge and has helped me try and get to grips with it, which is no mean feat!


My nomination for the best writer goes to Ghostwriter Mummy. I love love love Suzanne’s blog. Her posts always encourage me to take up different activities with my children-ideas I would never be able to dream up on my own. I have such admiration that she high lights and writes passionately about birth trauma and maternity issues. I feel it’s so important for women to have a place to read and learn from women in similar situations, a place to find solace and perhaps a bit of closure for themselves and that is what you will find at Suzanne’s brilliant blog.


My nomination for best photography without shadow of a doubt goes to Mummy Daddy Me. Katie is a story teller with a lens. Not only are her posts beautifully penned with words that often make my heart melt, the accompanying photographs are so captivating that you almost fall into them and live in the moment with her. She has such a creative eye for detail and manages to capture the most gorgeous moments from her girls-the cutest set of sisters I think I’ve ever seen.


My nomination for the best travel blog goes to Mums’ Days. Hannah is one of my all time favourite bloggers and her posts are a pleasure to read. This year hannah has challenged herself to visit every single castle in Northumberland and blog about it! This is a pretty daunting task. By completing her castle travels she will not only have provided her lovely boy, Reuben with a wonderful educational experience but it gives her some down time to focus on motherhood, spending time with her family and have fun all at once! I think this is such a wonderfully unique and exciting idea, a challenge to celebrated in the travel category!


My nomination for the style award goes to Tigerlilly Quinn. I have been reading Fritha’s blog since long before I started blogging and love it. I feel an affinity to her as she lives in Bristol, like me and love when she writes about this beautiful city that we live in. She also has a shop that sells the most brilliant and quirky items so you can get your own little piece of Fritha style! Fritha’s blog oozes style and sophistication and she’s such a lovely girl which comes across both in her writing and in person. Once you discover this blog you will get lost in it. I have spent far too much money trying to emulate the wonderfully stylish outfits that Fritha pulls off with such ease. A really cool chick!


My nomination for best family blog is You Baby Me Mummy. Lovely Aby is an absolute blog guru, and a genius at giving advice be it blogging know how or parenting tips. Her blog is bursting at the seams and gives a wonderful glimpse into real family life. Aby is so generous with her pearls of wisdom and shows a genuine interest in all her readers and is a massive presence on social media. I visit Aby’s blog daily as I just know she’ll have a gem waiting to be read. She takes the most stunning images of her gorgeous little girl, ‘baby’ and her writing flows like a dream. Aby is the most warm, friendly and gorgeous friend a girl could have with a blog to match. Truly beautiful inside and out.


My nomination for the outstanding blog award goes to none other than Honest Mum-Vicki’s blog is completely outstanding and if you haven’t heard of Honest Mum you must have been living under a rock! Vicki’s blog is all of the above categories rolled into one gorgeous package with bows on. She is a champion of women and defender of women’s rights. Her posts are written with warmth and compassion and just the right amount of sass. Vicki is a powerhouse of a blogger who features in huge campaigns and has even been in Vogue magazine. Despite all that she manages to be approachable, down to earth and humble about her success, sharing freely the knowledge and the know-how that has got her where she is today. Vicki is supportive, friendly and genuinely wants everyone to do well. It was reading Vicki’s blog that inspired me to start my own blog and so I can only thank Vicki for giving me my voice.


Last but not least is my nomination for Fresh Voice and I have decided to nominate..drum roll please…ME! My blog is a little over a year old and I can not express enough what blogging has given me. I had my first two children 15 years ago, when I was just 18. It was seriously hard going but I was the best Mama I could be to them. Because I had children so young I have never achieved anything professionally and was told many times that my life was over. Once my children were at school I fell into a job that I hated and never imagined that I would ever be able to do anything else or achieve something great. When I started this blog it was a hobby, it quickly grew to much more than that and after countless nights tapping away on the keyboard until 2am it has become my profession. Something I am able to sustain a living from, something I’ve done all by myself. I am eternally grateful for all the help and support I have received, for the comments and interaction on social media, for the people who read and enjoy my blog. I adore blogging and I feel so blessed to love and embrace what I do. It would honestly mean the absolute world to me to be nominated for the Fresh Voice award and so if you enjoy my blog I hope you’ll consider me when making your selections.

You can click on the badge below to make all your nominations or to find out more about the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards.



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