The elements of a perfect family holiday #MarkWarnerMum

Beach at Tenby

It’s that time of year again, Mark Warner have cordially invited bloggers to apply for an ambassadorship. Six very lucky blogging mums or dads will be chosen to represent Mark Warner and experience one sun and one ski holiday with them. Seriously exciting stuff and the competition is stiff, let me tell you!

Beach at Tenby

I happened to mention to my teenage kids that I was thinking of applying for this role.

Their response?

”Go for it mum, you can do anything you set your mind to!” Hmm sounds just like something I would say to them. In the spirit of practising what I preach here we go…

So, which elements make up the perfect Treasure family holiday? 

Family shot in Portugal

A family holiday in a fantastic location is for me, the best it gets. Looking forward to the promise of spending time together with my family. The excitement and anticipation the build up to a holiday brings. Holidays are when you’re able to unburden yourself, leave the stress of everyday life at home, enjoy each others company, forget the diet, not care about bedtime and most of all have fun!


We all want a bit more of it don’t we?

Time to have fun, time to make memories, time to relax and unwind. Sounds like heaven to me.

When we go on holiday we love visiting the beach, playing in the water and doing a spot of sunbathing while the kids run around. Me with a magazine in one hand, drink with a small umbrella balanced on the rim in the other.
Don’t mind if I do!
Lewis and Holly swimming beside a pedalo
We are also adventurers and our perfect holiday involves exploring the local area, soaking up the wonderful sights, trying new food to eat and introducing the kids to real culture. I have always relished travelling and left the magnificent places we’ve visited feeling inspired, enlightened and not meaning to sound too corny; I feel changed, often that feeling is fleeting but certain special places will stay in my heart forever. I want my children to grow up realising that there is a whole world out there, just waiting to be enjoyed and explored.
Mama and baby beside a pool in Portugal
Since little Rose came along two and a half years ago we have had one abroad family holiday to Portugal which was absolutely wonderful. It was amazing to slow down and have some time away from the hustle and bustle of ever day life. Rose was still very little and so it was the perfect opportunity for Lewis and Holly to have some real bonding time with the newest addition to our family.
Although we haven’t been on a plane for quite a while we still have plenty of adventures together on short breaks, from our many castle visits to the lavender fields in the summer months, I never need any excuses to whip my camera out and indulge in my passion for photography.
In front of a castle
Woodcutters cottage
Girl lying in a field of lavender
 I’ll leave you with our YouTube channel trailer that has clips from beach and sailing holidays that have been closer to home. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed putting it together and fingers crossed I get to make a new film of us all enjoying a Mark Warner holiday or two!

*This is my entry to be a #MarkWarner mum. Wish me luck! You can find out more about the blogger ambassador programme here.

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