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Hello and welcome back to ‘The List’ a very warm welcome from Aby and I. this is the place to link up all your list posts so let’s get cracking!

The idea of The List is really simple, link up any post that is in list/bullet point format (a couple of bullet points in a post is fine too!). I link up my weekly blog/life round-up and quite often a recipe or a how-to. Yours could be a ‘top ten’ list or anything you fancy.

Posts can be old or new, and all are most welcome.

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It’s been so fab catching up with you all last week, and lovely to add even more blogs to my reading list.

My featured posts from last week’s link up are:

I will be featuring these three posts during the coming week on my Facebook page.

This week I am linking How I got my BritMums live outfits gifted (and how you can too!) and my Sweet potato brownies recipe. Aby is linking Why you need a blog newsletter and Stress free party planning.

Now it’s over to you, grab the badge and link up your list posts below, we can’t wait to read them!

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  • Sassy

    Written on 8th April 2016


    Hey, I have linked up to this brilliant linky for the first time! However I have a slight problem… As I am blind I use a speech software called a screen reader, this enables me to navigate around the screen and it reads everything on the screen to me. because of my screen reader, and lack of coding on the comment box website’s part, I am unable to leave comments on some peoples blogs.
    It wasn’t until after I linked up on Aby’sblog that I realised her comment box is completely inaccessible to me. Which means I can’t leave her comments.
    When this happens, I tend to leave blog comments on the bloggers Facebook page. But I don’t know what to do? Should I remove my links?
    I am going to tag Aby on Twitter in a second so hopefully she will see this too. Sorry for the inconvenience Xxx

  • Amy

    Written on 8th April 2016


    Hey Sassy!

    Thanks so much for your comment and for linking up. Please do not remove your links!! It is entirely not your fault that you can’t comment, I’ve had this before with another lady that joins in with our Vlog Stars linky – her reader had trouble but I think in her case it was with the form on my blog. We would love to be able to find a fix for this, and you have reminded me to email the guy that made the comment luv plugin, it’s certainly worth asking about it. As far as commenting on other people’s blogs within the link up you only need to do a couple (to abide by the linky rules) there are so many good reads in the link up though so you may wish to do more, that is entirely up to you. I think commenting on FB is a really good idea or a share on Twitter is fine also. You are not an inconvenience at all, we’re so happy you’ve joined in and thanks for this message. Off to read your post now. xxx

    • Sassy

      Written on 8th April 2016


      Thank you so much Amy I truly appreciate it! I know the blogging community is so friendly and full of wonderful people, but I just wanted to double check first instead of ignoring the fact that I couldn’t put messages on Aby’s blog :)
      I constantly make lists, so looking forward to linking up with you guys each week!
      I totally love that you have managed to bag yourself a beautiful outfit for BML, I look forward to meeting you there! :)

      Also, thank you for the great tips on putting yourself out there, I’m not a shy person but approaching brands does seem to make me quite nervous xxx

      • Amy Treasure

        Written on 8th April 2016


        Absolutely pleasure. Honestly, you will find so much support here blogging is wonderful and I have such an amazing network thanks to it. If you are on Facebook then it is worth joining the ‘Live Love Blog Community group’ it’s a lovely supportive group with lots of fun chat and a place to ask any questions about blogging.

        I am so glad the tips were helpful, as bloggers, we have tremendous clout when it comes to brand work so don’t be afraid to show off what you can do. If you explain clearly what you can offer to a PR they will welcome an email from you, don’t forget though I get knocked back or ignored as much (if not more!) as I get offers of work so it is a case of perseverance and being brave. What’s the worst that can happen?!

        I can’t wait to meet you at BML Sassy! xxx

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