The List: Nail art how-to using Barry M

This week my happy place online and in print is Mollie Makes. I was lucky enough to meet the editor at Blogconf and since then I’ve been totally hooked on pouring over the crafts and other lovely bits and bobs. I saw this nail look on the Mollie Makes Blog and thought it looked really cute so gave it a go myself.

You can see the original Mollie Makes confetti nail art tutorial here.

It’s been ages since I’ve been inspired to do a little nail art and I must say it felt quite lovely pampering myself and watching my pretty fingers tap away on my laptop the following day was a delight.

Barry M nail varnish

Here’s a quick how-to:

  • Step one-paint nails a base colour in Barry M ‘Bright Pink’ I used a couple of coats to get it nice and even. Leave to dry.
  • Step two-at the cuticle of the nail and using the tip of the brush, dab on the Barry M Aquarium ‘Treasure Chest’ build it up as you go as sometimes there’s not enough glitter on the end of the brush. Leave to dry.
  • Step three-finish with a clear top coat. Let the compliments roll in.


I think it looks really pretty and is something a bit different. I also love Barry M nail polish for being super cheap and coming in loads of colours and effects.

Nails tutorial 2

How about you, do you feel better when your nails are done?

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