{The ordinary moments} Quiet time

As parents we all need some quiet time every now and again and now Rose has dropped one of her daytime naps it can get quite exhausting giving her my attention all day long. I read somewhere that when your baby drops their nap you should try and introduce a quiet activity around the time when they would have slept. Rose absolutely loves her books especially ‘what the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson (we read it to her at least once a day!) In the mornings I encourage Rose to have some quiet independent time looking at her books, this particular day I slipped away unnoticed to have some quiet time of my own and could hear Rose in the playroom making all the animals noises to the story and ‘reading’ to herself, I grabbed my camera and took this picture and then sat watching her. It’s so sweet and lovely to see her making all this progress and becoming a bit more comfortable with being independent from me, even if it’s just for a few moments.

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