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Quite often as adults and perhaps older children to, we take the things for granted that we would once have stared at in amazement. We might look at them and smile and see how irresistibly cute they are, but do we stare at them in complete and utter can’t take my eyes away from them wonder and amazement? A trip to the zoo this week and little Rose was so fascinated by everything she saw it made me remind myself to take a look at this wonderful world of ours through the eyes of a child sometimes.

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  • Twokidsadogandacaravan

    Written on 20th December 2016


    Today I watched my wee Girl and my wife sit together on the train as I stood with the baby. Was so lovely to watch wee girl shout out “tunnel!!!” “Cow!!!!” and watch as she stared at every new thing. Was so nice to watch without being the person having to tell her to sit down or be a bit quieter! Hadn’t thought of the zoo for wee ones, might take wee Man after Christmas!

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