The Style Edit: HD brows and eyelash extensions from BrWowzers

Eyelashes and HD brows from Browzers Bradley Stoke, Bristol

Let’s start this off by saying I love all things beauty and cosmetics related. What can I say? I am a girlie girl. Vain? Perhaps, but I don’t think this song is all about me. So let’s move on ;-)

My lovely friend Helen is a mobile beautician and official HD brows stylist in Bristol. Browzers offers spray tanning, eyelash extensions and HD brows all from the comfort of your own home. Tanning and eyelash extensions I am already familiar with. HD brows have been around a couple of years and I’d heard of them but wasn’t entirely sure what the ‘high definition’ in the HD actually encompassed, until now, of course.

In order to get your brows HD ready and worthy of a close up, you will have your brows waxed, threaded, and tinted to achieve the shape you’ve always wanted. Remember though, that it is a good idea to grow your brows for around 6 weeks so you can get a really good shape. In other words: STEP AWAY FROM THE TWEEZERS and leave it to the professionals!

Eyebrows are especially important to the frame the face so if you’ve spent a few too many years plucking over zealously, then let Helen work her eyebrow artistry on you. I can promise you, you won’t look back.

Eyelash extensions pics

Helen asked me if I’d like eyelash extensions as well as my HD brows, I excitedly agreed. Anything that helps save me time in the mornings is a bonus and believe it or not I have been known to step out of the house with little or no make up on. It’s true! Now though, I don’t have to worry about mascara because my lashes look like they’ve had a good ol’ coat without me even touching them. Hurrah!

You can go for the glam lash look or a more natural full mascara look like I had. The eyelashes are individually glued to your natural lash and will fall out at the same rate that you normally shed lashes. If you are a black eyeliner wearer (like me!) then you can still do your make up as normal but just remember to use a remover that doesn’t have any oil in it as this can damage the bond.

The application process is relatively quick providing you haven’t known Helen for 15 years. In which case a good proportion of your time may well be spent reminiscing about the time you drank too much 20/20 and went skinny dipping in the paddling pool at the local park. It was a long time ago. Don’t judge me…

In the photographs I have absolutely no mascara on whatsoever and I think the lashes look rather super. I am so pleased with my brows and my lashes and highly recommend Helen.

eyelashes final

Helen covers all areas of Bradley Stoke and surrounding areas within a 10 mile radius as well as Thornbury.

HD brows cost £25.00

Mascara look lashes (half set) £40.00

Glam look lashes (full set) £60.00

What are you waiting for? Let Helen wave her magical tweezers on you, you won’t regret it!

You can contact Helen on Facebook to make an appointment.

Do you maintain your brows and lashes? Have you had either of these treatments before?

*I received these treatments for free, because Helen she’s my friend, and NOT because she wants me to write about her here. I have done this review because she does an amazing job!

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