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The Sunday Times magazine and newspaper

Sunday, quite possibly my favourite day of the week. We usually go out and do something on a Saturday but on a Sunday I love nothing more than hanging around the house, reading, catching up on the news and having a long and leisurely breakfast without the pressure of actually getting dressed. Bliss!

This week I was asked to review the new magazine from The Sunday Times which was absolutely no hardship whatsoever. I prefer to pick up a broadsheet where possible anyway, I’m not a fan of the tabloids finding a newspaper such as The Times far more appealing, they offer up a lot of reading material and cover a wide and diverse range of topics. One of these papers can comfortably see me occupied throughout an entire train journey from Bristol to London and I’d still have reading material leftover, excellent value if you ask me.

The Sunday Times magazine and newspaper

The new magazine that has been launched by The Sunday Times will accompany your newspaper – there’s also a digital version if you prefer not to leave the comfort of your own home in search of the physical paper. The magazine is nice and glossy and on this particular edition, the beautiful Taylor Swift adorns the front cover of the main magazine with a four-page spread feature inside the mag.

I am immediately drawn towards the style section which is a separate magazine. I was really interested in the article ‘Will you join the Kambo Crew’ by Kate Spicer. I originally thought it must be a new-fangled beauty treatment for those partial to the new ‘in’ treatment. It involves burning holes in the leg of the person receiving the treatment and then administering poisonous secretions of the Amazon basin giant leaf frog! Turns out it is not a beauty treatment at all and can cure a whole range of ailments including anxiety and physical afflictions to boot! I was riveted by the article and pleased to see many examples of writing with real substance within the style section. I’m not entirely sure I could endure a treatment that involves being poisoned and subsequently vomiting into a bucket. I am also not sure how long this particular treatment will stay legal but kudos where it’s due to journalist Kate Spicer for trying it out and then returning for a second fix, really fascinating stuff!

The new magazine from The Sunday Times also available for digital download

As with all magazines, I will always go in search of a new recipe to try out and I am not disappointed by the one I found from one of my favourite chefs Jamie Oliver. In fact, the ingredients for his Southend Chowder are now on my shopping list, and I’m pretty sure I am going to impress the whole family with this one. It really does look sensational but is anyone else scared of cooking cockles? I always fear that I might end up with the above ‘Viva Kambo style’ vomit situation if I were to attempt cooking seafood with actual shells but if Jamie says it’s beginner level cooking then I am giving it a go, and hopefully there won’t be a bucket in sight…

You can easily download, share and save recipes from the tablet edition of the magazine by the way, and there are loads on there for you to try out.

So that was my morning sorted yesterday, a fab paper, magazine gallons of proper coffee and a chocolate brownie. Total relaxation after a hectic week. What more could a girl ask for?

I will definitely purchase The Sunday Times with the magazine again, the only question being; who’s going to get dressed to go out and buy it?

*In collaboration with The Sunday Times

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