Thoughts on motherhood featuring a special necklace from Posh Totty Designs

Family names necklace in gold Posh Totty


I’ve poured my heart out on this blog, I’ve ranted and raved, I’ve commiserated. I’ve talked about how my children make me burst with pride and how they completely overwhelm me. I’ve explored being a parent, shared tips and advice about all-sorts from potty training to careers choices. I’ve even written about how I will never achieve ‘gentle parenting’ which turned out to be my most viewed post ever, actually breaking my blog at one point because the server couldn’t cope with so many people reading it at the same time.

I’ve shared a little bit about what it means to be the mum of teenagers, how it is so different to parenting a toddler and even after the thousands and thousands of words I’ve written, I wonder if one day my children will sit and read this blog and truly understand how I love them so fiercely.

Posh Totty Family names necklace

They know I love them for sure, but until they have children of their own will they ever be able to completely understand how all-consuming that love really is?

The small boy who used to be pressed against my hip in his Power Rangers pyjamas is buying a navy blue suit for work. One day he will be an engineer making parts for aeroplanes.

He doesn’t fit against my hip anymore because he’s a good foot taller than me. It’s the strangest thing, trying to figure out how this giant once fitted inside my body. How he grew and grew and grew until he was bigger than six feet tall.

I wonder if he knows about the time I felt so panicked after the minibus departed for his first scout trip that I followed it all the way down the motorway just to check he was safe.

He is the biggest.

The little girl who I used to sit and wait for outside ballet class is now buying a bus day rider ticket and negotiating her way around the city all on her own.

I wonder if she knows that I still pause outside her bedroom to listen to her breathing each night on my way to bed.

She is my middle.

And then there’s the one who is the incredible handful. She is the type of girl that teachers refer to as ‘spirited’. She is a bundle of stubbornness and strong will. She is fiercely independent even though she’s only four years old.

Does she even realise that I peek in through the classroom windows each morning to see if she’s still crying after I leave?

She is the smallest.

I sat down to write about a new necklace today and it dawned on me that of all the special jewellery I own, this necklace hasn’t left my neck because it means so much. My family names necklace by Posh Totty Designs is so precious and wearing something so beautifully personalised and keeping it close to my heart is the very reason I haven’t taken it off.

Family names three ring necklace from Posh Totty designs

From the biggest ring to the littlest my family names necklace represents all three of my children and is a daily reminder and outward symbol of motherhood.

My talisman and I love it.

There are so many gorgeous designs on the Posh Totty Designs’ site, the family names necklace is my favourite because of the simplicity of the design, I love how the front face of the rings are ever so slightly hammered so that they catch the light in the most perfect way. I chose the 18″ drop in traditional 9ct gold plated and I’ve had lots of compliments about it. Posh Totty Designs jewellery is exclusively handmade right here in the UK and the craftsmanship is wonderful.

If you are looking for a personalised piece, perhaps for a Chrismas or birthday gift then let Posh Totty craft you something truly special, and I’m sure it will be something you’ll never want to take off either.

*This post was written in collaboration with Posh Totty Designs

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