Time for us to get some sleep with help from JOHNSON’S 3-step routine

Embarking on the JOHNSON’S 3-step bedtime routine

As you know I am a mum of two teenagers and a toddler. Before Rose came along I was a bit spoiled with sleep (is that even possible?) Teenagers, well, they love their beds and hate getting up in the mornings. If it weren’t for school they would happily languish in their rooms until noon. They go to bed at 10pm and I don’t hear a peep out of them until morning. Rose, however, is a different story completely. To be fair, she would probably stay in bed until 8.30am if we didn’t have to get up for the school run/work/nursery drop off etc. Getting her into bed is a big problem and getting her to stay asleep all night is even worse. The battle to get her to actually to sleep in at bedtime is dreadful and the constant night wakings have aged me by ten years in the last two.

Complete nightmare, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Toddler asleep in the sunshine

There is light at the end of the tunnel – we have been asked to take part in the JOHNSON’S 3-step clinically proven routine. A good bedtime routine can help baby (or in our case toddler) fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer which sounds like heaven to me. Since we moved house we have zero routine, everything has gone to pot as I explain in the vlog below. I know that this is the root of our problems but I am not quite sure how to rectify it.

Thankfully JOHNSON’S have done all the research and hard work for me and I am hoping that by implementing their 3-step bedtime routine we can start getting some of those much-needed Zzzz’s. Because let’s face it, no one functions well on no sleep do they?

We will be keeping a sleep diary to document our experience for the next two weeks and taking the following steps to work towards a better routine.

JOHNSON’S 3-step bedtime routine

Step one: Bath 

  • Rose does have a bath at the moment but it tends to be a have-a-quick wash type of affair rather than a relaxing one. We are going to try out the JOHNSON’S bedtime bath and attempt to turn bathtime into more of a sensory experience for her with various games.

Step two: Massage

  • Now this is something that when Rose was very little she really enjoyed but the older she got we fell out of the habit of giving a massage after her bath, so we will see if she still enjoys this and if it helps to calm her before sleep time.

Step three: Quiet time

  • We have been given the ‘Good Night Sarah’ book which was specially created for JOHNSON’S. The idea being that quiet time is important just before bed (and not the noisy over-stimulating iPad!)

Just from writing out the steps that we are going to take I can already see places where we are going wrong. I’ll talk more about that in a couple of weeks.

For now, you can watch the vlog below where I ask Rose a few questions about bedtime!

*Sponsored post by the JOHNSON’S brand. I have received payment incentive and samples but all opinions are my own. JOHNSON’S clinically proven bedtime routine consists of bath, massage and quiet time, tested on babies 7months+, 1 week+ use.

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