Toddler bedroom makeover in bright primary colours

A bright and colourful toddler bedroom

We have now been in our new house since June (when does it stop being new, I wonder?!) We knew the entire house needed renovating and found out shortly after moving in we needed a complete rewire which meant the decorating came to a standstill before it even started. Sad times. But, we have finished the first room and I am so delighted to show you because it turned out exactly as I wanted.

I took a lot of inspiration from Katie at Mummy, Daddy, Me she has such a great eye for colour and style with a wonderfully creative blog. As I am completely rubbish at interiors I was very grateful to have a peek at her girls’ bedroom for ideas. Fingers crossed she’s not reading this thinking I am the world’s biggest stalker, I just really love your style Katie! ;-) I also bought the exact same wallpaper that Aby has in Baby’s room-I repeat, I am not a creepy stalker, honestly!!

I am so pleased to announce that Rose is really happy in her new bedroom after sleeping with us in our bed so hopefully the nighttime sleeping arrangements will be better from now on.

Here’s a shed load of pics…

toddler bed with farg and form red cloud bedding

Cot bed Mothercare| Farg & Form Bedding|Cushions

Kid’s ikea wardrobe

Ikea wardrobe|Cloud wallpaper

Farg and Form red cloud curtains

Farg & Form curtains| Cloud garland

Ikea Trofast storage drawers

Ikea storage drawers

Knoppang picture ledge from Ikea

Ikea picture ledge as bookshelves

RIBA white picture frames from Ikea

Ikea frames| Shakepeare quote print| Erin Hanson quote print

Dream Big Little One Print and Farg and Form curtains

Dream Big print

Cloud mobile with coloured droplets

Cloud mobile

Ingela P Arrhenius nesting dolls and

House shelves| Ingela P Arrhenius nesting dolls

wooden letters by Letteroom Not on the hughstreet

Wooden letters

memory bear and elephant jigsaw

Memory bear

ikea yellow cloud lampshade

Pendant Ikea light

So there we have it, the very first room in the new house, finished! Mr T thought it was going to be cloud overkill (he loves it now) but I don’t think so! What do you think, do you go for a theme when decorating?

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