Tom Tom Touch Fitness Tracker Review

The TomTom Touch * is a nifty little fitness tracker with a difference. The TomTom Touch enables you to track activity 24/7 which includes monitoring steps taken, calories used, exercise and the amount of sleep you’ve had. The stand out feature for me and something I’ve never tried before has to be the body composition scanner.

Compared to the TomTom Spark (that I recently reviewed here) the Touch is sleeker and smaller in design, I personally find it easier to wear and forget I’m even wearing it. I chose a coral pink wristband which is customisable and comfortable to wear. The bright colour stands out but if you were to go for the black wristband I’d say it would be pretty innocuous and look like a standard fitness tracker rather than a fashion statement. The TomTom Touch appears to me to be about the same size as the other fitness trackers available on the market.

The tracker needs to be ‘woken up’ with a touch to the silver coloured button at which point you can see the default screen with the time and a quick look at how many steps you’ve taken. You just swipe up to see all other activity. To read body composition you need to have been wearing the Touch for around 20 minutes so that the sensor can take an accurate reading. Stand with one finger over the button and your arms away from your sides and the tracker will read your body fat and muscle mass. This information isn’t displayed on the watch itself, so you’d need to take the reading and then download the information by syncing with the computer or the app. I was intrigued to see my body composition and must admit to having a bit of a shock when I discovered what percentage of my body is made up of fat. I feel like it’s one of those things that is really good to know and if you have an end goal in mind, watching that body fat decrease and muscle mass increase is very rewarding.

Setting up

It’s super easy to get started with the TomTom Touch all you need to do is remove the black watch part of the TomTom from the rubber strap and plug it in to your computer. There are step by step instructions to follow on screen, so you really can’t go wrong. Head to the TomTom get started web page to set the watch up and you’re good to go.


Just like my TomTom Spark the Touch has a heart rate monitor. I find this feature really interesting and especially like that I can see the intensity of my workouts on the screen. The heart rate monitor tracks you throughout the day so you can easily find out your resting heart rate which is a really good way of indicating fitness. I’m also always really happy to see how many calories I’ve burned during activity and find it a brilliant incentive to keep motivated. Just knowing I burned 500+ calories in a 45-minute spin class makes it all worthwhile for me and takes the guess work out of it. I like analysing the graph and seeing which parts of the class I was in fat burning mode. You can see from the screenshot below just how hard my heart was working (no wonder I am bright red and feeling a bit queasy by the end of the class!).

Activity tracker TomTom Touch

Step monitoring

One of the easiest ways to keep an eye on how much you are moving during the day is by monitoring steps taken. I remember when the government made the recommendation that we should aim for 10,000 steps a day. It sounded like loads, right? Turns out it’s not *actually* that hard to achieve. In fact, I can manage about 500 just getting out of bed, getting dressed and getting the kids ready for school. I must admit to becoming a little obsessed over just how many steps I’ve managed by checking in with the TomTom Touch throughout the day, and you can see in the graph below the days I wasn’t wearing the tracker which stuffed up my targets for the week!

step monitoring with TomTom Touch

Sleep tracking

The sleep tracker is another great feature. I find the Touch comfortable enough to wear 24/7 and I feel it’s really important to keep an eye on how much sleep I’m getting. There was a time when I would stay up until 1am and then have to get up at 6am and it was really not good for my health or energy levels. I know from wearing the TomTom Touch exactly how much – or how little – sleep I am getting and when I wake up in the morning and have a quick look on the tracker if I see anything between 7 and 8 hours I find it so much easier to get out of bed! That might sound daft but when you have a toddler and you’re constantly exhausted, for some reason when I know for sure I’ve had a good night it just makes me feel brighter.

sleep tracker from TomTom Touch

TomTom My Sports Connect

To make life even easier, you can download the My Sports Connect app so that you have all the information you need literally at your fingertips. The My Sports app allows you to see your latest activities and performance at a glance. It makes ‘smart comparisons’ so, for example, you could see the impact of your brisk walk in the park versus your 5k run. This is particularly interesting for me when I want to compare cardio work against toning. You can also easily see your active time, calories burnt, average heart rate and steps all in one go. It’s nice to be able to see your personal best too, and really helpful for goal-setting. Even though I like looking and analysing everything on my laptop it’s super easy to open the app and have a quick look at how I’m getting on. I really like the feature of wireless syncing between the app and the laptop meaning you don’t have to plug the watch in each time you want to track progress.

TomTom Touch Features

  • Body composition analysis
  • Built in heart rate monitor
  • 24/7 activity tracking
  • Sports mode
  • Customisable straps
  • Phone notifications on your wrist
  • Touchscreen display
  • Up to 5 days battery life
  • Sweat, rain, and splash proof
  • Automatic sleep tracking
  • Wireless syncing

I’ve really enjoyed testing out the TomTom Touch and of course, I couldn’t help but compare it to the Spark. I find the Touch easier and more comfortable to wear plus it has most of the features of the Spark with the added bonus of body composition analysis. I feel like the Spark edges it for me in terms of performance because the battery life is longer and there is also the option of the wireless bluetooth headphones and music which I wouldn’t be without when at the gym.

As an affordable fitness tracker with more features than its counterparts on the market, you can’t go wrong with the TomTom Touch. It’s a brilliant little gadget and I will continue to use it alongside my TomTom Spark.

*pr sample

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