Top 5 bright lipsticks (with vlog)

My top 5 bright lipsticks: YSL, Bobbi Brown, MAC and Guerlain. With vlog!

I adore makeup, before this blog I had a beauty blog I didn’t monetise it and had no clue about SEO or rankings; I just shared my love for pretty things, it was fun and I miss it. I miss the carefree side of blogging the part where I write about my hobbies and interests and hopefully inspire you to try something new. Makeup scores highly on my list of things I love and so this week I wanted to share 5 of my favourite bright lipsticks.

As I explain in the vlog, I do probably have hundreds of lipsticks (collected over a number of years!) it’s my thing, don’t judge me… I have found that with lipstick you really do get what you pay for unlike mascara for example: you are far better off buying a L’oreal one for a tenner than splashing out the big bucks on one for more than twice that.

Here is my vlog and below is a picture round-up of my 5 favourite brights…

A vivid pink/purple amplified MAC lipstick in the shade Girl About Town

  •  Guerlain G L’Extrait ‘Luxure’ A liquid, creamy and ultra-pigmented velvety lip colour. This has quite possibly the sexiest packaging you have ever seen on a lipstick, it’s beautiful silver casing reveals a built-in mirror when it’s popped open. It really is quite something. A really lovely true red shade too.

Guerlain G L’extrait in ‘Luxure’ A liquid, creamy, consistent, ultra-pigmented and velvety lip colour

  •  YSL Rouge Pur ‘202’ is a gorgeous 1940s red with a hint of raspberry. It glides on and has a semi-matte finish, it’s really beautiful. This lipstick has serious staying power. In fact, where I was swatching this on my the back of my hand there is still a hint of this one left after two baths and several hand washes. Amazing!

YSL rouge pur collection in 202. A raspberry red shade with immense staying power.

  •  Mac ‘Show Orchid’ is what I call an 80s disco pink. It is a very vivid pink that is verging on neon. It has a slightly frosted finish and is best worn with just mascara, fresh skin and hair up. It is the sort of colour that can make you look really youthful. I mentioned in the video that I thought it might be a MAC pro product but it isn’t, so if hot pink is for you I highly recommend you try this one.

MAC show orchid a bright pink vivid colour reminiscent of 80s disco!

  •  Bobbi Brown ‘Old Hollywood’ Last up is my new favourite. This is Marilyn Monroe bright cherry red, it really is the most beautiful colour. If I’m wearing a red lip during the day I usually put my hair up in a bun and wear very minimal makeup on the rest of my face. A slick of bright lipstick does an amazing job of helping you look ‘put together’ without you having to try too hard!

Bobbi Brown lipstick in Old Hollywood. A bright cherry Marilyn Monroe red. For the Hollywood sex siren within!

So there are 5 of my favourite bright lipsticks, which one did you like best? Let me know in the comments and do tell me what your favourite lipstick is too!

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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