My top 5 shows available on Netflix right now!

Netflix top 5 shows available now

Have you got Netflix? Do you know what #netflixandchill means? Let’s not even go into that, eye-opening let me tell you…Well, I love nothing more than shutting myself away with the hubby and unashamedly binge watching Netflix, especially now the weather is a bit rubbish and it’s dark by 5pm.

In no particular order here are 5 of our favourite Netflix shows:

  1. Fargo-the adaptation of the award-winning film, Fargo features a new “true crime” story and new characters, all entrenched in the humour, murder and ‘Minnesota nice’ that made the film a classic. Billy Bob Thornton stars as Lorne Malvo, Martin Freeman stars as Lester Nygaard, Colin Hanks stars as Gus Grimly and Allison Tolman stars as Molly Solverson. I love Fargo because they are all a bit drippy but in a really sinister way, not so much that it would give you nightmares but there’s some pretty dodgy goings on in this sleepy Canadian town. At the beginning of each episode, it states that ‘This is a true story’ something which I googled because it seems unbelievable that it is, in fact, a true story. Turns out it’s VERY loosely based on truth. Either way, it’s an awesome watch!
  2. Amanda Knox-she was twice convicted and acquitted of murder. Amanda Knox and the people closest to her speak out in this documentary following the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, a fellow exchange student who shared her apartment in a small Italian town. I’ll be honest I’ve followed this case in the media for the last few years and was convinced Knox was guilty and now after watching this I’m not so sure. It certainly makes you question the judicial system and the police.
  3. American Odyssey-Sgt, Odelle Ballard begins to unravel a dark international conspiracy after her entire special forces unit is wiped out  by mercenaries. This is a fast-paced drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat (or in my case, bed!) We binge watched the whole first season in 4 nights. Anna Friel is absolutely superb as the lead character and this is the best tv series I’ve watched in a long time. If you liked Homeland you will LOVE this.
  4. Into the Wild-The true story of a young man gives up everything including his trust fund and ties to what is seemingly a loving family to lead a solitary life in the wild. The story, narrated by his sister makes sense as you watch until the end, you will probably cry but feel uplifted all at the same time. It will inspire you to live your life to the max and hold those ear to you a little closer.
  5. The Tudors-All the splendor and scandal of England’s 16th-century royal court comes to life in this series that follows notorious monarch Henry VIII. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the man himself (something tells me King Henry wasn’t quite as handsome…) this series has everything you’d want for cosy Friday night in; sex, debauchery, beheadings (!), amazing set and scenery and fine acting. As someone that has studied this era I would have to say that this is not quite historically accurate and is heavily fictionalized, but who cares? It’s brilliant and well worth a watch.

What’s your fav on Netflix at the moment? I have heard so many people talking about how good Gilmore Girls is so that’s next on my watchlist. I think it will be a nice one to watch with Holly for some mother/daughter bonding.

Gilmore Girls

Do give me your recommendations in the comments or tweet me @AmyTreasureBlog

*Collaborative post as part of the Netflix Stream Team

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