Transitioning from cot bed to a single with Emma foam mattress review

Emma foam sprung single mattress

When Rose was two years old we made the transition from cot to cot bed, but to be honest, since birth she hadn’t spent a great deal of time in her bedroom let alone her cot, favouring sleeping in our king size bed instead. I adore co-sleeping, I know Rose is my last baby and I really wanted to enjoy the precious former years that I know disapear too fleetingly. I cherished her warm little body nestled against mine, listening to her softly snoring and she was always so happy in the mornings to wake up beside us.

Fast forward another 18 months and Rose was still in our bed, only she’s had such a growth spurt and those little legs and arms don’t fit in-between myself and her daddy so well these days. We might have a big bed but there is a lot of wriggling and sleep disruption when you have a larger toddler keeping you company all night and the time for us all to have our own space had come.

Co-sleeping with a 3 year old

We knew we had to do something so we bought her a single bed frame in the hope that Rose would embrace her bedroom. My mother in law had an old mattress going spare so we inherited that. Only problem was, when you laid down on the mattress you could feel every single spring and it was so uncomfortable. There was absolutely no way Rose was going to sleep on that.

By complete coincidence, a few weeks after giving up on the mother in law’s terrible old mattress and reverting back to three-in-a-bed, I received an email from Emma Mattress* asking if we’d like to try one out. Would I heck! What perfect timing, finally we might all be able to get some much-longed-for sleep. The mattress arrived in a box not that much bigger than Rose, which is remarkable considering there was a single sized mattress in there.

Rose was really excited to open the box and watch the mattress magically unfurl on her bed. It was super easy to do – I even managed to carry the box upstairs and into her bedroom myself. Now, anyone that’s ever tried getting a mattress up the stairs will understand that in itself is no mean feat. I should imagine that even if you were to buy a larger size, the box wouldn’t actually be that big which makes it so much more manageable.

It’s a bed in a box, what’s not to love?

The Emma mattresses are made up of 4 perfectly joined layers, wrapped in highly breathable fabric:

  • Cushy hypersoft foam
  • Unique conical pocket springs
  • Pressure-sensitive visco-elastic foam
  • Supporting cold foam

Emma foam sprung single mattress

The mattresses are wrapped in thick cellophane and come with a handy razor blade so you can quickly and easily cut it open. We positioned the mattress on Rose’s bed so that it would be in the right place once it was unrolled. The mattress took just a few minutes to inflate and ‘plump up’. Of course, Rose had first dibs at trying it out and made an audible “ooh” as she lay down on it for the first time. The Emma mattresses are made from lovely memory foam that completely conforms to any body type and shape, thus allowing Rose to get the best and comfiest night’s sleep possible.

You can watch a video of the unboxing below so you can see just how quick and easy it was, and you might even catch me in my jim jams…

I used to be able to count on my two hands the number of times Rose had slept in her own bed in almost 4 years. I do still occasionally wake up to find an extra body cuddled up beside me but I really don’t mind at all as those times are so few and far between now. For the most part, Rose will wake up in the morning and exclaim proudly “I slept in my big girl bed all night, mummy” and honestly, it is the best thing. We are all so much better rested and I must say I am quite envious of Rose’s new mattress because it is just so comfortable. It has just the perfect amount of ‘squish’ not too soft, nor too firm: Goldilocks would describe it as being “just right.”

Emma single pocket foam mattress

You can order your Emma mattress online with free delivery and there is also a 100 night trial for all Emma products. If you don’t get a wonderful night’s sleep and you’re not completely happy with your purchase you can take advantage of the risk-free trial. There is also a 10-year guarantee which I think is testament to just how much belief Emma mattress have in the quality of their product. I would not hesitate to recommend them to you.

If you order before 28th Feb you can get £50.00 off a mattress of your choice using the code FEBRUARY50.

So, thank you Emma mattress for helping us get Rose into her ‘big girl bed’ and for giving us more room in our own; without a small human starfish softly snoring beside us…

*post written in collaboration with Emma Mattress

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