Trunki ToddlePak review


I was absolutely delighted when Trunki asked me to become a Trunki Chief Tester, it’s a company I admire and I’m really happy to work with. Trunki become famous worldwide for it’s ride on children’s suitcase (did you know you can design your own? how cool!) and they are also innovators of many other products including ToddlePak.

ToddlePak are reins for when you’re out and about with your little one and comes in 7 different colours, each with it’s own funky design. They are fully adjustable and fit comfortably with a chest harness that fits securely around the front of your toddler, and a rein handle for you to hold onto at the back.

When our set of reins arrived I took them out of the packaging and put them together then adjusted them easily without looking at the instructions (I’m such a bloke!) but seriously, they are really self-explanatory and easy to work out so that’s a bonus. The last thing you want is to be faffing about if it’s got cold and you need to re-adjust them to put them on top of a jacket or something.

Before we went out to test them I put the harness part onto Rose and then we set off in the car to the park. All we needed to do was quickly clip on the reins when we arrived. Simples! As you can see from the pictures of Rose and Mr T, she enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk on her own with the added reassurance for us, that she wasn’t about to run off and fall face first into a muddy puddle (it’s happened!)




Rose is quite steady on her feet and so we used the ToddlePak as a leading rein, however there is an option for a training rein if your toddler is still a bit wobbly. The harness itself is really nice and supportive and won’t dig in or rub because it is wide across the chest, much nicer than other reins I’ve seen with just a single strap and no other support. There is also a reflective strip which is an excellent added safety feature.

trunki reins 2

Apart from the colour and design of these; what’s not to love? The thing I like the most is we were able to just unclip the reins part and leave Rose to play with the harness on and then clip the reins back on when necessary which made life so much easier.



Fantastic product and very reasonably priced at £17.99. We will get loads of use from them, and really love them, thank you Trunki!


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