Trying to decide between a conservatory and an extension

When we moved into our first house which was three bedrooms, well two bedrooms and a box room is a more accurate description. One of the first things we did was put a conservatory on the back. With three children – two of which are already mini adults – that extra space was essential, it meant that everyone didn’t have to be in the same room at once and there was a nice little corner where Rose could have all her toys out without cluttering up the rest of the house. The conservatory was used far more than any other room and was a lovely place to go and eat dinner and great for Rose to play in while I pottered around the kitchen. We looked at lots of different conservatories as there are several different types, in the end, we opted for a lean to as we needed something that sat snugly against the house without taking up too much of our small garden.

I do think it’s probably the main reason that our house sold the same day we put it on the market, there were other houses for sale on our street but because we had effectively added an extra room our house was the most desirable. We’d spent so much time in there over the years, and because it was adjoining the kitchen it really was the heart of our home. I was a bit sad to leave that space behind because it had served us so well.

Lean to conservatory

We’ve now lived in our forever home for two years, it’s been such a long and hard slog with the entire house needing to be rewired and walls in between the kitchen and dining room knocked down before any cosmetic work could even be started. With the upstairs complete and the kitchen finally finished we are getting to the point where we are thinking about how we can add additional space. The question is: an extension or a conservatory?

We’ve had so much work done already, I’m not sure I could face an extension but we could easily add a conservatory because we have an amazing decking area that wraps around the entire outside of our house. The idea is to try and bring the outdoors in as we really enjoy eating outside but let’s face it, the weather here in the UK is not the best and it puts a bit of a dampener on our plans. Not forgetting it gets dark so early for half of the year so sitting outside isn’t an option most of the time.

I’ve been looking around the village for inspiration and I’m completely in love with the house at the top of the hill, it has the most beautiful Orangery, I think it’s pretty old as there is really established wisteria growing up one end so it’s obviously stood the test of time. Conservatories with glass roofs must have the most beautiful light and the photographer in me really wants one, plus I want to say I’ve got an Orangery because it sounds really posh! Justin, on the other hand, is a fan of tiled roof conservatories and I know he feels that tiles would be a more natural addition to our outside space. Our house has an unusual layout with the main roof being completely flat but part of the downstairs has a small piqued roof. One of the first jobs we had done was to replace the tiles on that with grey slate so I think he’d be quite keen to try and match the conservatory roof to what we have already.

The photo below was taken on Monday as we were discussing options for the outside of the house, the table I’m sitting at in front of the double doors is where the conservatory would go.

Deciding between an extension or conservatory

So who’s going to win, me with my posh Orangery or Justin with his sensible tiled roof?

Decisions, decisions…We also still need to think about the outside cladding and what colour render we’re having. This house stuff is never ending let me tell you!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, how did you decide between an extension or a conservatory?

*Collaborative post

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  • Mackenzie Glanville

    Written on 5th August 2017


    Oh exciting. I am just slightly obsessed with design. I think gosh for the posh option, you need to follow your heart, we shouldn’t settle.

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