Vlog Stars: 20 favourite songs

April edition of Vlog Stars, this month co-host Aby and i set the 20 questions tag. Watch the video to see how I got on!

Hello and a very warm welcome back to the May installment of Vlog Stars, the linky I co-host with the fabulous Aby from You Baby Me Mummy. Can’t believe it’s time for another link up already. Thanks to you all that linked up last time, we loved watching all your vids.

April edition of Vlog Stars, this month co-host Aby and i set the 20 questions tag. Watch the video to see how I got on!

This month Aby and I are asking you to tell us your 20 favourite songs. You can read off a list, or elaborate and explain why you’ve chosen each song. It’s up to you. I found it quite difficult narrowing my list down to just 20, I can’t wait to watch your videos and hopefully I will find some new music inspiration from your lists!


You can catch up with Aby by checking out her 2o favourite songs here.

Next month’s tag that will go live on the second Thursday of June will be:

Collect ten items from around the home that represent you and tell us why you’ve chosen them. 

We are delighted to see regular vloggers joining in with this project of ours and it was nice to see a couple of new faces last time. Thanks ever so much for creating a lovely little vlogging community we really appreciate it.

Really look forward to hearing your fav songs, so get linking Vlog Stars!

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three
<div align="center"><a href="http://www.amytreasure.com" title="Mr and Mrs T Plus Three"><img 
src="http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh520/GlimmerandGloss/Vlog%20Stars%20Badge_zpsursffhqe.png" alt="Mr and Mrs T Plus Three" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

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  • Nat Halfpenny

    Written on 12th May 2016


    Ah Loved it! I always wanted to learn piano when I was younger..
    Made me laugh every time someone walked past, I don’t know how people vlog around Tesco’s and things, I’d be a wreck!

  • John Adams

    Written on 16th May 2016


    Love the fact you recorded this in your car! I’m feeling guilty I didn’t leave any Queen songs on my list as it happens. You inspired me to go and check out some old music I hadn’t listened to in more than two decades. Thanks for co-hosting #vlogstars.

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