Vlog Stars|Bonus Challenge Lip Sync for a Lipstick!

We’ve only gone and set a bonus challenge for you this month! Somehow this idea came about at BritMums, not quite sure how but we’re going to run with it…

All you have to do is upload a video lip synching to your favourite song (or indeed any song you know the words to!) Aby and I will pick the winner and the prize is a fabulous and expensive Dior lipstick.

Here is my attempt at a bit of rather quick lip synching. I would like to apologise to my children now for any embarrassment that I cause them but they know by now what I’m like. I don’t shy away at stuff easily and trust me if there’s ever any karaoke around I am all over it! For your viewing pleasure…

This is Aby’s attempt, don’t let her fool you I think she is a secret lip sync-er and has done this before…

Do join in the lip sync battle and link up over here at this month’s Vlog Stars main page. I seriously can not wait to watch you all lip sync for a lipstick. Have fun!

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