Wardrobe Wednesday

I have decided to add more style posts to my blog. I find that when I’m browsing my Bloglovin’ list I am mostly drawn to fashion and cake. So more of each from me, hurrah!
This ‘Wardrobe Wednesday’ I’ve been wearing a Maison Scotch dress that I recently bought from Next. It’s a really nice day time appropriate floral dress. It’s a lovely fit, good length and really nice material. I added the belt as I tend to wear one with dresses to accentuate my waist a bit.
I wore it with my long brown boots and although I know long boots and dresses can verge on looking mumsy and short boots are much more fashionable. I thought to myself, well actually I am a Mum and don’t mind looking like one, and it was raining, so there!

It also suddenly occurred to me whilst looking through the photos that I seriously need a hair cut and colour, like yesterday gah! I also need to find a better background for pictures and am currently working on something diy so watch this space…


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